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U.S.-backed campaign against IS in eastern Syria to speed up - SDF militia


BEIRUT A U.S.-backed campaign against Islamic State in eastern Syria will accelerate now the jihadist group has been defeated in its former capital Raqqa, a spokesman for U.S.-allied Syrian militias said on Wednesday. | Video


U.S., Russia set for likely U.N. row over Syria toxic gas inquiry 18 Oct 2017

UNITED NATIONS The United States said on Wednesday it would push the United Nations Security Council to renew within days an international inquiry into who is to blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria, setting the stage for a likely showdown with Russia.

From Damascus, Iran vows to confront Israel 18 Oct 2017

BEIRUT Iran's military chief warned Israel against breaching Syrian airspace and territory on a visit to Damascus on Wednesday, raising tensions with Israel as it voices deep concern over Tehran's influence in Syria.

Ninety percent of Raqqa retaken from Islamic State - U.S. military 17 Oct 2017

WASHINGTON The U.S. military said on Tuesday that it could only confirm that about 90 percent of the Syrian city of Raqqa had been retaken from Islamic State militants, even as U.S.-backed forces declared victory there.

Factbox - Raqqa: Islamic State's Syrian HQ has fallen 17 Oct 2017

BEIRUT U.S.-backed militias in Syria have declared victory over Islamic State in its capital Raqqa, a milestone in the fight to roll back the theocratic "caliphate" declared in 2014..

Syrian army, allies advance against IS in Deir al-Zor city 17 Oct 2017

BEIRUT The Syrian army and allied forces pushed into the remaining Islamic State-held districts of Deir al-Zor city in eastern Syria on Tuesday, a Hezbollah military media unit said.


U.S.-backed forces in final push against Islamic State Raqqa 16 Oct 2017

RAQQA, Syria U.S.-backed militias battled foreign fighters defending the last pocket of Islamic State's one-time Syrian capital of Raqqa on Monday, bringing their four-month offensive for the city to the brink of victory.

Israel says attacks Syrian unit that fired at its planes over Lebanon 16 Oct 2017

JERUSALEM The Israeli air force attacked a Syrian anti-aircraft battery on Monday that Israel said had fired a missile at its planes while they were on a reconnaissance mission over neighbouring Lebanon.


Syrian refugees should return to calmer areas - Lebanon president 16 Oct 2017

BEIRUT Lebanon can no longer handle vast numbers of Syrian refugees, its president said on Monday, urging world powers to help them return to the calmer parts of their war-torn homeland.


British piers, Alabama buildings named among 25 at-risk monuments 16 Oct 2017

NEW YORK Historical gems around the globe, ranging from a Syrian bazaar and the last active synagogue in Alexandria to England's Blackpool Piers and Alabama civil rights buildings, are threatened by war, disasters and urbanization, a monument conservation group said on Monday.

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Fall of Raqqa poses new test for U.S. in Syria

While the fall of Raqqa to U.S.-backed forces is a major victory in the battle against Islamic State, the militant group is far from eradicated, not to mention the six-year-long Syrian civil war.