Thailand says 'highly likely' it will seek TPP membership


TOKYO Thailand is "highly likely" to seek membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) but would first need to weigh up the impact of the free-trade accord on its export-led economy, a deputy prime minister said on Friday.


Thai junta faces backlog of industry problems as global scrutiny mounts 27 Nov 2015

BANGKOK Thailand's military seized power last year vowing to halt years of political unrest. Now the junta faces one dividend of its imposed peace: a snowballing backlog of safety and compliance problems within key industries that previous civilian governments failed to tackle.


Allegations of plot against Thai government unfounded - opposition 27 Nov 2015

BANGKOK Allegations by Thailand's prime minister that members of the opposition planned to attack senior officials are baseless and designed to deflect attention from a corruption investigation, one of the main opposition groups said on Friday.


Thai PM says 4G auction funds will be spent on infrastructure, farmers 26 Nov 2015

BANGKOK Thailand's prime minister said on Thursday that $2.26 billion (1 billion pounds) raised from a 4G mobile license auction would be used to fund infrastructure projects and to help low-income people, including farmers.


Thai graft, royal insult cases threaten to embroil junta 26 Nov 2015

BANGKOK Accusations of corruption involving a park built to honour Thailand's revered monarchy are threatening to damage an anti-graft drive by the ruling junta, which seized power last year vowing to clean up government and protect royal prestige.

Three arrest warrants issued in widening royal insult probe 25 Nov 2015

BANGKOK A Thai military court issued arrest warrants for three people on Wednesday as part of a sweeping royal defamation investigation which has seen seven people charged so far, including two who died in custody.


Thai constitution could give free rein to military abuses, says rights group 25 Nov 2015

BANGKOK A proposal by Thailand's junta for a provision in the constitution exempting the military from prosecution would allow the armed forces to commit abuses with impunity, a rights group said on Wednesday.


Thai court indicts two men over deadly Bangkok bombing 24 Nov 2015

BANGKOK A Thai military court has indicted two men accused of carrying out a Bangkok bomb attack that killed 20 people including 14 foreigners, making it the deadliest such incident in Thai history.


Thai PM says two refugees sent back following request from China 24 Nov 2015

BANGKOK Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on Tuesday said two registered refugees were deported to China, at Beijing's request, after they entered Thailand illegally.

China, Thailand joint air force exercise highlights warming ties 24 Nov 2015

BANGKOK Thailand's military held an air show with China on Tuesday ahead of joint manoeuvres in a sign of warming ties, but Thailand said it was not distancing itself from the United States which downgraded their military relationship following a 2014 coup.