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Venezuela prepares world summit to defend new legislative body


CARACAS Venezuela is preparing an international summit to rally support for an all-powerful lawmaking body, whose recent creation drew widespread foreign condemnation as a power grab by leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

Brazil and Paraguay back Mercosur move to suspend Venezuela 4:51pm BST

BRASILIA The presidents of Brazil and Paraguay reiterated on Monday their support for a decision by regional trade bloc Mercosur to suspend Venezuela for violating the group's democratic charter, according to an official statement released after their meeting.


Venezuela 'congress in resistance' rejects new super-assembly 20 Aug 2017

CARACAS Venezuela's opposition-controlled congress on Saturday rejected the self-proclaimed lawmaking authority of a new legislative body elected last month at the behest of President Nicolas Maduro, widening the political divide in the crisis-hit country. | Video


Pentagon's Mattis again seeks to reassure U.S. allies 19 Aug 2017

WASHINGTON U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis travels to the Middle East and eastern Europe next week to play the increasingly familiar role of reassuring allies that the United States is committed to them despite mixed messages from President Donald Trump.


Venezuela faces outrage after new assembly takes legislative power 19 Aug 2017

CARACAS/BOGOTA Venezuela's new legislative superbody was criticized by South American governments and Washington on Friday after giving itself the power to pass laws, superseding the opposition-led congress while ex-top prosecutor Luisa Ortega fled the country.

U.S. condemns 'power grab' by new Venezuelan assembly - State Department 19 Aug 2017

WASHINGTON The United States strongly condemns the assumption of legislative powers by Venezuela's new Constituent Assembly, the State Department said in a statement on Friday.


Venezuela's former top prosecutor is in Colombia, authorities say 19 Aug 2017

BOGOTA Venezuela's former top prosecutor Luisa Ortega arrived in Colombia on Friday, migration authorities in Bogota said, after she was fired by a controversial new legislative superbody and said she feared for her life.

Mercosur refuses to recognise acts of Venezuela's new assembly 18 Aug 2017

BRASILIA The full members of South American trade bloc Mercosur on Friday condemned Venezuela's new legislative superbody for trying to usurp the National Assembly's responsibilities, according to a statement released by Brazil's Foreign Ministry.


Exclusive - Mexico's top diplomat visits Cuba to seek help on Venezuela crisis 18 Aug 2017

MEXICO CITY Mexico's Foreign Minister is in Havana hoping to get Cuba, one of Venezuela's top allies, to help resolve the tense political situation in the South American nation, a senior Mexican official who was briefed about the trip said.


Venezuela's new chief prosecutor vows to jail protest leaders 18 Aug 2017

CARACAS Venezuela will hunt down and jail leaders of violent protests that have rocked the country since April, its new top prosecutor said on Thursday, a day before a hate crimes law was expected to be approved despite fears that it will be used to crush dissent.

Venezuela 2012: more revolution?


Insight: Chavista militants may be wild card after election

CARACAS - Sitting in front of a mural of Jesus and the Virgin Mary armed with AK-47s, three red-shirted children are clutching assault rifles and copies of Venezuela's constitution.  Full Article