Al-Qaeda kills 30 Shi'ite rebels in central Yemen - tribal sources

SANAA - Sunni Al Qaeda militants and Shi'ite Muslim rebels have fought a bloody battle in central Yemen, tribal sources said on Wednesday, amid fears of worsening sectarian tension in the impoverished Arabian country.

Al Qaeda attacks kill at least 33 people in Yemen 20 Oct 2014

SANAA - At least 33 people were killed in a suicide bombing and gun attacks in central Yemen, tribal sources and medics said on Monday, as al Qaeda fighters seized a Yemeni city in a new challenge to the central government.


Houthis, Sunni supporters clash in central Yemen 18 Oct 2014

SANAA - Yemeni Shi'ite Houthi fighters and supporters of the Sunni Muslim party Islah clashed in central Yemen on Saturday, residents and local officials said, another sign of sectarian warfare in the violence-prone country that borders Saudi Arabia.

Yemen's al Qaeda expresses support for Islamic State against 'crusade' 17 Oct 2014

DUBAI - Al Qaeda's wing in Yemen expressed support on Friday for Islamic State against what it described as a "crusade alliance", referring to U.S.-led air strikes on the insurgents in Iraq and Syria, and called for attacks to damage the United States.


Sunni tribesmen and Houthi fighters clash in Yemen, eight dead 17 Oct 2014

SANAA - At least eight people were killed in heavy fighting between Sunni Muslim tribesmen and Shi'ite Houthi rebels in central Yemen on Friday, as the battle crept closer to an al Qaeda stronghold, increasing fears of outright sectarian warfare.


Al Qaeda and Houthis clash in central Yemen - residents 16 Oct 2014

SANAA - At least 10 people were killed in fighting between Houthi tribesmen and militants linked to al Qaeda in central Yemen on Thursday, witnesses said, part of a growing struggle over territory and influence between the two enemy sides.


Yemen's Houthis advance near al Qaeda stronghold 15 Oct 2014

SANAA - Yemen's new Shi'ite Muslim powerbrokers sent fighters towards an al Qaeda stronghold on Wednesday, raising the possibility of clashes between the politically ascendant Houthi movement and the hardline Sunni Muslims of the militant network.


Houthi rebels take over Yemen's Hodeidah port - residents 15 Oct 2014

SANAA - The Shi'ite Muslim Houthi movement which seized Yemen's capital Sanaa last month has extended its control to the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, deploying checkpoints and also taking control of the city's airport, local officials said.

Yemen separatists tell oil firms to stop exports from south 15 Oct 2014

ADEN Yemen - Southern separatists seeking to split from Yemen's north set an ultimatum for the government to evacuate its soldiers and civil servants by Nov. 30 and asked all foreign firms producing oil and gas in the region to halt exports immediately.


Insight - Yemen on the brink as rebels oust the old guard 14 Oct 2014

SANAA/DUBAI - The Houthi rebels who stunned the Arab world with the sudden seizure of Yemen's capital will have to strive to cement their power in the face of well-armed rivals, a test of strength that could tip the unstable country deeper into turmoil.