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Government begins legal fight against ruling that could derail Brexit


LONDON The British government launched a Supreme Court battle on Monday over who has the power to trigger the formal process of leaving the European Union, seeking to overturn a legal ruling that could derail its Brexit strategy. | Video

Brexit prompts tenfold rise in British lawyers registering in Ireland 4:14pm GMT

DUBLIN The number of British lawyers registering in Ireland is set to be 10 times higher this year than in 2015 as they seek to ensure they can still practise in the European Union after Brexit, the Law Society of Ireland said on Monday.


Ministers say listening closely to City of London's Brexit concerns 3:24pm GMT

LONDON Britain's government is listening closely to the financial services sector's Brexit concerns, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and the minister in charge of the process for the country's exit from the European Union, David Davis, said.


UK says to begin preparing new WTO membership terms ahead of Brexit 12:23pm GMT

LONDON Britain is beginning to prepare its new World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership terms ahead of its exit from the European Union and will seek to closely replicate the existing EU ones, trade minister Liam Fox said on Monday.   

UK government wants to provide certainty on Brexit - May's spokeswoman 11:57am GMT

LONDON The British government wants to provide certainty over its exit from the European Union by saying there is no going back once divorce talks have formally begun, Prime Minister Theresa May's spokeswoman said on Monday.

UK government says its Brexit trigger plan not a breach of parliament's sovereignty 11:49am GMT

LONDON Attorney General Jeremy Wright told the Supreme Court on Monday that the government's plan to use executive powers to trigger EU divorce proceedings was not a breach of parliamentary sovereignty.

Factbox - What EU has prepared for Brexit talks 11:28am GMT

BRUSSELS British judges may upset government plans to start Brexit talks soon but whatever the Supreme Court decides after hearings this week, the EU has prepared its side of the unprecedented process.


Supreme Court head says Brexit case about law, not wider politics 11:15am GMT

LONDON The president of Britain's Supreme Court said on Monday a court battle on whether the government has to consult parliament before starting the process of leaving the European Union was about legal matters, not the wider politics of Brexit.


May's Brexit plans face British Supreme Court test 9:57am GMT

LONDON Prime Minister Theresa May's government launches a challenge on Monday against a court ruling that it requires parliamentary approval to start the process of leaving the European Union, a decision that could upset Britain's Brexit plans.


Factbox: Can Britain's EU divorce be reversed once it is triggered? 9:57am GMT

LONDON British government lawyers have argued that once the formal divorce talks on leaving the European Union are triggered there is no going back, but EU leaders have suggested Britain could still change its mind.