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Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-tech sees FY 2017 net profit up 70 pct to 100 pct

3:35am BST

Oct 20 (Reuters) - Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-tech Co Ltd <002086.SZ>:Sees net profit for FY 2017 to increase 70 percent to 100 percent, or to be 130.2 million yuan to 153.2 million yuan.Says the net profit of FY 2016 was 76.6 million yuan.Comments that improved ocean business and health business as main reasons for the forecast .

Xinjiang Guannong Fruit & Antler Group to dissolve three units

3:32am BST

Oct 20(Reuters) - Xinjiang Guannong Fruit & Antler Group Co Ltd <600251.SS> ::Says it plans to dissolve its Xinjiang-based two units and Jiaxing-based unit.

Inghams Group responds to article​ in The Australian Financial Review

Tuesday, 5 Sep 2017

Sept 5 (Reuters) - Inghams Group Ltd ::Ingham's responds to AFR article​.There is no price war in Victoria that co is aware of (or in any other state), and normal market conditions prevail.Is not currently subject to any significant dispute with growers or grower groups outside the normal course of business.‍Matter will now be referred to Australian Securities and Investment Commission​.Michael Vukadinovic, who is quoted in article, is not a contracted ingham's grower.

Livestock Improvement Corporation ‍updates on capital structure changes​

Thursday, 8 Jun 2017

June 8 (Reuters) - Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd ::‍Updates on LIC'S capital structure changes​.Board is making progress with consideration of options for addressing disparity between two classes of LIC shares​.Currently expects that when process is complete, co will ask for shareholder approval to move to single class of shares.

BF Holding/Bonifiche Ferraresi sign reorganization agreement with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017

Bonifiche Ferraresi SpA : Said on Monday that it finalised an agreement with BF Holding SpA and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti via its unit Cdp Equity SpA for an industrial plan and the reorganization of the group BF Holding/Bonifiche Ferraresi . The agreement envisages a rights issue of 10.0 million euros ($10.62 million) at the price of 2.4 euros per share . BF Holding to issue a convertible bond for 50.0 million euros reserved to Cdp Equity . BF Holding to launch a stock and cash tender offer on the whole share capital of Bonifiche Ferraresi . Exchange ratio is set at 10 new shares of BF Holding and 1.05 euros for each tendered share . The tender offer is subject to the condition that BF Holding reaches more than 90 pct in the share capital of Bonifiche Ferraresi . The takeover bid is aimed at the delisting of Bonifiche Ferraresi and following listing of BF Holding . Bonifiche Ferraresi does not expect to distribute any dividend on FY 2016 . If the tender offer is not successful, there is an alternative plan of reorganization which envisages a merger between BF Holding and Bonifiche Ferraresi.

Black Earth Farming says plans to sell operations, liquidate company

Monday, 13 Feb 2017

Black Earth Farming Ltd : Says has entered into agreement to sell its Russian operations and announces intention to propose distribution of proceeds to shareholders and initiate a voluntary liquidation of company . Says total estimated purchase price is approximately $184 million in cash . Owner Kinnevik, with a stake of 24.6 percent in Black Earth Farming, says has entered into an undertaking to support the divestment . Following deduction of the wrap-up Costs and additional equity contributions from warrant holders, the Board of Directors anticipates that approximately between USD 185,000,000 – 193,000,000 will be available for distribution to the shareholders . Says at an exchange rate of Rur 60.5 per USD and SEK 8.9 per USD, this corresponds to approximately between SEK 7.2 – 7.5 per Swedish Depository Receipt ("SDR") after dilution by up to a further 18,330,000 SDR's resulting from exercise of the Company's outstanding warrants and long term incentive programs. .Says this corresponds to a premium of between 96.5 – 104.7 per cent compared to the volume weighted average trading price for the three months preceding BEF's announcement that it was in talks with potential acquires on 9th August 2016.


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