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Rayonier Advanced Materials says have entered into amended agreement to acquire Tembec Inc

Monday, 24 Jul 2017

July 23 (Reuters) - Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc ::Rayonier Advanced Materials and Tembec announce increase in consideration under amended arrangement agreement.Rayonier Advanced Materials to buy Tembec for an increased consideration valued at c$4.75 per tembec share.Rayonier Advanced Materials says have entered into amended agreement under which Rayonier has agreed to acquire Tembec.Rayonier Advanced Materials says deal for increased consideration valued at c$4.75 .Rayonier Advanced Materials says Oaktree and Bennett Management agree to vote in favor of arrangement.under agreement, Tembec shareholders will have right to elect to receive either c$4.75 in cash or 0.2542 shares of rayonier stock per tembec share.

Minfeng Special Paper to raise 58 pct stake in Shanghai materials firm, up to 100 pct

Monday, 13 Feb 2017

Minfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd.<600235.SS>: Says it will raise 58 percent stake in Shanghai-based materials firm, up to 100 percent .Says the acquisition price is 2 yuan in total.

Inapa buys Papyrus France and sells Inapa Suica to Papyrus AB

Tuesday, 20 Dec 2016

Inapa SA : Buys Papyrus France, including its paper distribution business in France, from Papyrus AB .Sells Inapa Suica, with its paper distribution business in Switzerland, to Papyrus AB.

Co Asia Holdings to buy 60 pct stake in an automation equipment firm

Monday, 31 Oct 2016

Co Asia Holdings Co Ltd <045970.KQ> : Says it will buy 12,000 shares of an automation equipment firm on Nov. 1, to improve cost competitiveness and manufacturing technology .Says it will hold 60 percent stake in the new subsidiary, after the transaction.

Kuangchi Science Ltd updates on agreement with GCI incubator

Monday, 26 Sep 2016

Kuangchi Science Ltd <0439.HK>: Kuangchi-voluntary Announcement - Business Update Incubator Of Global Community Of Innovation <0439.HK> . No agreement has been entered into in relation to GCI incubator yet .GCI incubator will invest in technological innovation projects in world with a total investment amount of about US$300 million.

Domtar Corp to buy privately-held Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies Co for $45 mln

Thursday, 18 Aug 2016

Domtar Corp : Total cash consideration of $45 million . Deal for total cash consideration of $45 million . Domtar Corp says had agreed to purchase privately-held Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies Co . Domtar Corporation announces acquisition in personal care .Deal includes possible earn-out payment of up to $10 million.

Youyuan International Holdings acquires equity interest in Xin Wing<2268.HK>

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016

Youyuan International Holdings Ltd <2268.HK>: Major transaction - further acquisition of equity interest in Xin Wing <2268.HK> . Says deal for a total consideration of USD76.1 million . Consideration payable by xi yuan will be funded by internal resources and external borrowings . Says Xi Yuan issued offer to purchase equity interest of 20.0% in Xin Wing held by cathay fund .

Wang Zheng says units entered agreements with Macrolink International and Iskandar Investment

Monday, 18 Jul 2016

Wang-Zheng Bhd : Carefeel cotton industries and new top win corporation entered into 2 separate spas with macrolink international land and iskandar investment . Agreement for the acquisition of 2 units of shop office within an on-going mixed development project known as "macrolink medini" . Says deal for a total cash consideration of 6.3 million .


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