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GuocoLeisure Ltd announces dissolution of dormant subsidiary

Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014

GuocoLeisure Ltd:Announced voluntary dissolution of Thistle Hotels & Restaurants Ltd, a dormant subsidiary incorporated in the United Kingdom pursuant to a voluntary application for striking off.

Accor offers to transfer management of its Central European operations to Orbis

Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014

Accor SA:Says it submitted an offer to Orbis, a public company listed in Warsaw and 52.7 pct held by Accor, which would make Orbis its management platform for Central and Eastern Europe.Under the terms of the offer, which was approved by Accor’s board of directors, Orbis would take over all of the Group’s operations in the region, including in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia.Orbis would have the capacity to develop all of Accor’s hotel brands in the region by exploiting a master license for all of the Group’s brands.Accor is inviting Orbis to acquire its operating subsidiaries in these countries.They include 38 existing hotels and 8 hotels currently in the pipeline.The amount of the considered transaction is 142 million euros.The offer provides for an exclusivity of negotiations until the end of November.

HL Global Enterprises Ltd announces liquidation of indirect majority holding subsidiary

Thursday, 21 Aug 2014

HL Global Enterprises Ltd:Says that LKN Construction Lanka (Private) Ltd, an indirect 75 pct owned subsidiary incorporated in Sri Lanka has been dissolved.

GuocoLeisure Ltd announces dissolution of dormant subsidiaries

Wednesday, 20 Aug 2014

GuocoLeisure Ltd:Announces voluntary dissolution of Bradford Gaming Club Ltd and Wolverhampton Gaming Club Ltd, dormant subsidiaries incorporated in United Kingdom.Voluntary dissolution of subsidiaries was undertaken to rationalize corporate structure of company and its subsidiaries.

HL Global Enterprises Ltd announces liquidation of associated company

Monday, 18 Aug 2014

HL Global Enterprises Ltd:Says Shanghai Equatorial Hotel Management Co., Ltd., an associated company, incorporated in the People’s Republic of China, has applied to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce for its dissolution under members’ voluntary liquidation.

GuocoLeisure Ltd liquidates dormant subsidiary

Thursday, 19 Jun 2014

GuocoLeisure Ltd:Says a voluntarily liquidating its dormant wholly-owned subsidiary, Guoman Hotel Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd, a company incorporated in the People’s Republic of China.

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd announces cessation of subsidiary

Friday, 6 Jun 2014

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd:Says Mahindra Holidays and Resorts USA Inc, a subsidiary, has ceased to be subsidiary consequent to its dissolution with effect from May 19.

TA Global Bhd announces dissolution of foreign subsidary

Thursday, 15 May 2014

TA Global Bhd:Aava Whistler Holdings Ltd, subsidiary of company which was incorporated in Canada, had been dissolved.


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