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Starbucks Coffee Japan announces partial change to article of incorporation to enable full acquisition by Solar Japan Holdings

6:00am GMT

Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd:Received shareholders' approval to make partial change to its article of incorporation to enable Solar Japan Holdings to fully acquire Starbucks Coffee Japan.Says Solar Japan Holdings conducted a takeover bid for the shares of Starbucks Coffee Japan during the period from Sep. 26, 2014 to Oct. 21, 2014 and Nov. 10, 2014 to Dec. 22, 2014, acquiring 54.15 pct stake in Starbucks Coffee Japan.To make a change to its article of incorporation to issue Class A classified stock, with 1/3,126,813 share of Class A share to be exchanged with one share of Starbucks Coffee Japan’ common stock, on March 26.Says Starbucks Coffee Japan's stock will be delisted from Jasdaq Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange, effective March 23.

Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc authorizes new share repurchase program

Monday, 26 Jan 2015

Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc:Authorizes new share repurchase program for up to an aggregate of $700 mln of its outstanding common stock.Authorization is valid for a period of two years.

Atom raises year-end dividend forecast for FY 2015

Monday, 26 Jan 2015

Atom Corp:Sees year-end dividend of 5 yen per share (2 yen as common dividend and 3 yen as bonus dividend) raised from previous forecast of 2 yen per share (common dividend), for fiscal year ending March 2015.


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