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Ignite Restaurant Group Inc completes sale of Romano's Macaroni Grill to Redrock Partners, LLC

Friday, 17 Apr 2015

Ignite Restaurant Group Inc:Says that it has completed the previously announced sale of its Romano's Macaroni Grill subsidiary to Redrock Partners, LLC.Concurrent with the close of the sale, the company also announced organizational and senior management changes.Brad Leist has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer, he will replace Michael Dixon, President and Chief Financial Officer, who will be formally leaving the company, effective April 17, 2015, but will continue working on a consulting basis through May 15, 2015.Ray Blanchette, Chief Executive Officer, will resume the title of President.

Meritage Hospitality Group Inc gives FY 2015 guidance

Friday, 17 Apr 2015

Meritage Hospitality Group Inc:Sees FY 2015 sales growth of 25 pct. to 30 pct.Sees FY 2015 EBITDA growth (a non-GAAP measure) of 60 pct. to 65 pct.Sees FY 2015 Net Income growth of 95 pct. to 100 pct.

Select Group Ltd incorporates subsidiary

Thursday, 16 Apr 2015

Select Group Ltd:Incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary, Select Food Management (UK) Pte Ltd in England and Wales.The total issued and paid-up capital of Select Food Management (UK) is 100,000 Pounds.The main business activity of Select Food Management (UK) is to operate food courts, coffee shops and eating houses.

McDonald's Holdings Co (Japan) issues consolidated full-year outlook for FY 2015

Thursday, 16 Apr 2015

McDonald's Holdings Co (Japan) Ltd:Says it issued the consolidated full-year outlook for revenue at 200,000 million yen for the FY ending Dec. 2015.Operating profit of a loss of 25,000 million yen.Ordinary profit of a loss of 31,000 million yen.Net profit of a loss of 38,000 million yen.

Asrapport Dining to acquire stake in Ibaraki Nyugyo and announces business alliance with Ibaraki Nyugyo

Wednesday, 15 Apr 2015

Asrapport Dining Co Ltd:To acquire 2,100 shares (70 pct skate) of Ibaraki Nyugyo at 2 million yen from a Tokyo-based company on April 15.Formed a business alliance with Ibaraki Nyugyo on April 15.Says two entities will cooperate on joint development of product, joint activities related to logistics, cooperative activities related to overseas expansion, joint operation of Ibaraki Nyugyo and other cooperative activities for milk industry development.

Horiifoodservice expects extraordinary loss for FY 2015

Wednesday, 15 Apr 2015

Horiifoodservice Co Ltd:Says it expects an extraordinary loss of 49.386 million yen, 0.136 million yen and 5.503 million yen for FY ended March 2015.Says the loss is recorded for impairment loss, loss on disposal of fixed assets and store closure cost.

DAISYO amends consolidated full-year outlook for FY 2015

Tuesday, 14 Apr 2015

DAISYO CORP:Says the company lowered the consolidated full-year outlook for revenue to 71,480 million yen from 71,850 million yen for FY ending Aug. 2015.Confirms the operating profit forecast at 920 million yen.Ordinary profit forecast increased to 885 million yen from 845 million yen.Confirms the net profit forecast at 250 million yen.Confirms the earnings per share at 12.09 yen.Comments the sales performance projection and labor costs are the main reasons for the forecast.

Alsea SAB de CV reorganizes its structure

Monday, 13 Apr 2015

Alsea SAB de CV:Reorganizes its structure dividing its operations into two units Alsea Mexico and Alsea Internacional.Alsea Mexico to remain under Federico Tejado, while current CEO of Alsea Fabian Gosselin will take charge of Alsea Internacional.Both units will report to board of directors led by Chairman Alberto Torrado.

zetton raises year-end dividend forecast for FY 2015

Monday, 13 Apr 2015

zetton inc:Says it raised the year-end dividend forecast to 9 yen per share from 7 yen per share for the FY ended Feb. 2015, in the commemoration of its 20th anniversary of foundation.

Chimney receives penalty order

Monday, 13 Apr 2015

Chimney Co Ltd:Says food poisoning symptom of two customers in its Yokohama-based restaurant on March 26 and campylobacter was found by Health and Social Welfare Bureau, Yokohama.The restaurant is ordered to stop operation based on Food Sanitation Act.


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