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Carrols Restaurant Group Inc announces commencement of public offering

Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014

Carrols Restaurant Group Inc:Public offering of up to $60 mln of common stock.Underwriters granted 30-day option by company to purchase up to an additional 15 pct.Use net proceeds to accelerate remodeling of company's restaurants to Burger King Corporation's 20/20 restaurant image.In addition to acquire additional franchised Burger King restaurants, and, to lesser extent, develop new restaurants and for other general corporate purposes.Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Stephens Inc. are serving as joint book-running managers for public offering.

WDI revises full-year consolidated outlook for FY 2014

Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014

WDI Corp:Full-year consolidated outlook for revenue of 20,286 mln yen raised from 20,162 mln yen, for fiscal year ended March 31, 2014.Full-year operating profit outlook of 508 mln yen lowered from 677 mln yen.Full-year ordinary profit outlook of 524 mln yen lowered from 608 mln yen.Full-year net profit outlook of 110 mln yen lowered from 150 mln yen.Full-year earnings per share outlook of 17.44 yen lowered from 23.83 yen.Profit outlook lowered due to expense on launch of new stores and extraordinary losses caused by disposal of fixed assets, impairment loss and loss on shutdown of stores.

Pavillion Holdings Ltd incorporates subsidiary

Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014

Pavillion Holdings Ltd:Incorporated a subsidiary 兰亭商业发展(上海)有限公司 in Shanghai, China.The principal activities is investment holdings.

AP Company announces shareholding change in Japan-based company

Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014

AP Company Co Ltd:To invest additional 17.1 mln yen into a Japan-based company, which is mainly engaged in chicken farming and processing business.To hold 24.75 pct stake directly in the Japan-based company with minor shareholders, down from 93.33 pct stake, due to investment in the Japan-based company by a fund, which was established by the company.

j-Group Holdings expects extraordinary losses for Q4 of FY 2014 and lowers year-end dividend forecast for FY 2014

Monday, 14 Apr 2014

j-Group Holdings Corp:Sees extraordinary loss of 48 mln yen as impairment loss on tangible fixed assets of subsidiary, as well as extraordinary loss of 11 mln yen as allowance for receivables, for the fourth quarter of fiscal year ended Feb. 28, 2014.Sees year-end dividend of 1 yen per share lowered from 2.5 yen per share, for fiscal year 2014.

Doutor Nichires Holdings issues consolidated full-year outlook below I/B/E/S estimates and issues dividend forecasts for FY 2015

Monday, 14 Apr 2014

Doutor Nichires Holdings Co Ltd:Says the company sees the consolidated full-year outlook for revenue to be 113,520 million yen for the fiscal year ending Feb. 2015.Sees operating profit forecast to be 8,452 million yen.Sees ordinary profit forecast to be 8,830 million yen.Sees net profit forecast to be 3,876 million yen.Sees earnings per share to be 80.44 yen.FY 2015 revenues of 114.12 billion yen, reported net profit of 4.11 billion yen – Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Issued mid-year and year-end dividend forecast at 14 yen per share respectively for fiscal year ending Feb. 2015.Dividend fore the previous year was 13 yen per share, for mid-year and year-end respectively.

zetton to issue year-end dividend for FY 2014

Monday, 14 Apr 2014

zetton inc:To issue a year-end dividend of 700 yen per share to all the shareholders of record as of Feb. 28, for fiscal year ended Feb. 2014.Payment date May 27.Latest dividend forecast 500 yen per share, disclosed on April 11, 2013.

DAISYO lowers full-year consolidated outlook and reaffirms mid-term and year-end dividend forecasts for FY 2014

Monday, 14 Apr 2014

DAISYO CORP:Lowered full-year consolidated outlook for fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 2014.Full-year revenue outlook of 72,920 mln yen lowered from 74,200 mln yen.Full-year operating profit (loss) outlook of (860 mln) yen lowered from 70 mln yen.Full-year ordinary profit (loss) outlook of (920 mln) yen lowered from 20 mln yen.Full-year net profit (loss) outlook of (1,070 mln) yen lowered from (330 mln) yen.Full-year earnings (loss) per share outlook of (51.73) yen lowered from (15.95) yen.Outlook lowered due to decrease in sales from stores following restructuring.Reaffirmed mid-term dividend forecast of 6 yen per share and year-end dividend forecast of 8 yen per share, for the same fiscal year.

Pepper Food Service to establish subsidiary in U.S

Friday, 11 Apr 2014

Pepper Food Service Co Ltd:To establish a wholly owned subsidiary Kuni’s Corporation in U.S on April 11, which will be engaged in operation of restaurants.


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