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Elior Participations acquires ABL Management

Monday, 23 Nov 2015

Elior Participations SCA:Elior group acquires ABL Management.Acquisition will provide its Trusthouse Services unit with an additional portfolio of nearly 200 corrections and higher education clients.

AP Company subsidiary to takeover business

Tuesday, 17 Nov 2015

AP Company Co Ltd:Says subsidiary AP Company International Singapore Pte., Ltd. to takeover business including four food stores from EN HOLDINGS PTE LTD, EN JAPANESE DINING BAR @BT PTE LTD, NEW EN GRILL & BAR PTE LTD, and NEW ZEN JAPANESE CUISINE PTE LTD.Transaction amount 2,300,000 Singapore dollars.Planned effective Jan. 1, 2016.

Neo Group Ltd enters into sale and purchase agreement

Tuesday, 3 Nov 2015

Neo Group Ltd:Says proposed acquisition of ct vegetables & fruits pte ltd.Says entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Teo Kian Lam (TKL) and Ang Lay Cheng.Deal consideration for the proposed acquisition is s$5.4 million.Says cash component of the purchase consideration will be funded by bank borrowings.Says agreement to acquire 90% of the issued and paid-up capital of ct vegetables & fruits pte ltd.

House Shokuhin Group Honsha offers takeover bid for shares of ICHIBANYA

Friday, 30 Oct 2015

House Shokuhin Group Honsha KK:Offers takeover bid for 5,021,100 shares (or no more than 5,021,100 shares) of ICHIBANYA.To hold 51 pct voting rights in ICHIBANYA, up from 19.55 pct.Offered purchase price at 6,000 yen per share.Takeover bid total amount at 30,126,600,000 yen.Offering period from Nov. 2 to Dec. 1.Settlement starts on Dec. 8.

ONE Group Hospitality Inc and SBEEG Holdings agree to mutually terminate sale agreement

Wednesday, 21 Oct 2015

ONE Group Hospitality Inc and SBEEG Holdings, LLC:Have decided that it is in their mutual interests to terminate the agreements relating to the acquisition of sbe's Katsuya and Cleo brands.

DAISYO to acquire shares in Chiba-based company

Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015

DAISYO CORP:To acquire 800 shares (80 pct stake) in a Chiba-based company which is engaged in air condition related business on Oct. 26.Says the 800 shares including 100 shares to be acquired from the existing shareholders of the Chiba-based company and 700 shares acquired through private placement plan offered by the Chiba-based company.To raise stake in Chiba-based company to 80 pct from 0 pct.

Domino's Pizza Enterprises entered into a binding agreement to acquire the Pizza Sprint chain of 89 pizza stores in France

Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015

Domino's Pizza Enterprises:Says acquisition will bring the total number of stores for dpe in France to approximately 330.Entered into a binding agreement to acquire the "pizza sprint" chain of 89 pizza stores in France.Says acquisition is expected to close in January 2016.Says initial cash consideration of 31.5 million, with a further 3.5 million in cash in instalments.Business to be acquired generating EBITDA of approximately 3.5 million in its 2015 financial year.Says transaction is approximately 4% earnings per share accretive on a FY 2015 pro-forma basis.

Chinese Food and Beverage Group Ltd says acquisition of 100% equity interest in Power Tool Investments Limited

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015

Chinese Food and Beverage Group Ltd:Says on 29 September 2015 (after trading hours), the Vendor and the Purchaser entered into the Sale and Purchase Agreement.Pursuant to which the Vendor has conditionally agreed to sell and the Purchaser has conditionally agreed to acquire the Sale Shares and the Sale Loan at the Consideration of up to HK$24 mln (subject to adjustment), which will be satisfied by the issue of the Convertible Bonds.

ARCLAND SERVICE to fully acquire Tokyo-based company

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015

ARCLAND SERVICE CO LTD:To fully acquire all shares in a Tokyo-based company from an individual who is the president currently, in late December.Details to be determined.


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