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Westlife Development Ltd announces Launch of 3 McCafe's Across the City

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015

Westlife Development Ltd:Announces the launch of three McCafes in Bengaluru today.

Select Group Ltd incorporates subsidiary

Thursday, 16 Apr 2015

Select Group Ltd:Incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary, Select Food Management (UK) Pte Ltd in England and Wales.The total issued and paid-up capital of Select Food Management (UK) is 100,000 Pounds.The main business activity of Select Food Management (UK) is to operate food courts, coffee shops and eating houses.

PLENUS Co Ltd to establish new wholly owned subsidiary

Friday, 10 Apr 2015

PLENUS Co Ltd:To establish a new wholly owned subsidiary, Plenus Global Pte.Ltd., which will be the franchise headquarters in Singapore in late April.Plenus Global Pte.Ltd will be capitalized at SP$ 2,000,000 in all.


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