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Minor International PCL announces dissolutions of subsidiaries

Friday, 20 Feb 2015

Minor International PCL:Says Delicious Foodstuff (Labuan) Ltd and Delicious Beverage (Labuan) Ltd, 100 pct subsidiaries of Primacy Investment Ltd which is 100 pct held by The Minor Food Group Pcl., 99.73 pct subsidiary of MINT had dissolved companies since 2014.

HotLand Co Ltd to takeover business from wholly owned subsidiary

Friday, 20 Feb 2015

HotLand Co Ltd:To takeover ice cream restaurant business from wholly owned Tokyo-based subsidiary Cold Stone Creamery Japan.Planned effective April 1.

WATAMI announces merger between subsidiaries

Thursday, 22 Jan 2015

WATAMI CO LTD:Announces merger between subsidiaries WATAMI Foodservice Co.,Ltd., WATAMI Takushoku Co., Ltd and WatamiMerchandising Co., Ltd.WATAMI Foodservice Co.,Ltd. to remain, WATAMI Takushoku Co., Ltd and WatamiMerchandising Co., Ltd. to dissolve after merger on March 1.

HotLand Co Ltd completes liquidation of subsidiary

Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014

HotLand Co Ltd:Completed liquidation of wholly owned subsidiary COMEBUYJAPAN, which was engaged in operation of fast food restaurant, on Dec. 17.Liquidation was decided on May 23.

Y.S.Food Co Ltd to merge with subsidiary

Monday, 15 Dec 2014

Y.S.Food Co Ltd:To merge with wholly owned subsidiary Fukuoka Seimen, effective April 1, 2015.Subsidiary to be dissolved.

G Taste Co Ltd to transfer business to subsidiary

Friday, 28 Nov 2014

G Taste Co Ltd:To transfer educational business to new wholly owned subsidiary that to be established in Nagoya on Jan. 5, 2015.Transaction effective Jan. 5, 2015.

International Meal SA Co Hldg approves terms and conditions of its incorporation

Monday, 17 Nov 2014

International Meal SA Co Hldg:Approved on Nov. 11 terms and conditions of its incorporation by International Meal Company Alimentacao S.A. with consequent extinction of the company.The right of withdrawal of shares shall be exercisable by shareholders that were in possession of co's shares before Sept. 30.The right of withdrawal shall be exercisable by 30 days after the announcement of the decision of the incorporation, value at 10.94 Brazilian reais per share.Due to the incorporation, International Meal Company Alimentacao S.A. will raise its capital to 835,960,662.00 Brazilian reais from 68,536,917.00 Brazilian reais, issuing 15,945,876 new ordinary shares.Increase of 767,423,745.00 Brazilian reais corresponds to the book value of International Meal SA Co Hldg, excluding co's participation in International Meal Company Alimentacao S.A.Consequently, International Meal Company Alimentacao S.A. share capital after the incorporation will be divided in the same number of shares as the co.

Kozosushi Co Ltd to shut down shops and start new businesses

Friday, 14 Nov 2014

Kozosushi Co Ltd:To shut down 50 underperforming shops by July 2015.To start new ramen business and to open more than 50 shops by June 2015.To start new buffet steak business and to open 10 shops by June 2015.To start new caterer box lunch business.

OHSHO FOOD SERVICE to dissolve China-based subsidiary

Friday, 31 Oct 2014

OHSHO FOOD SERVICE CORP:To dissolve a China-based wholly owned subsidiary DALIAN OHSHO FOOD SERVICE CO., LTD., with liquidation date to be determined.


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