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JB ELEVEN announces transition to holding company structure

Thursday, 8 May 2014

JB ELEVEN CO LTD:To transfer main businesses to two new wholly owned subsidiaries established on Oct. 1, and restructure the company into a holding company, effective Oct. 1.

Sanko Marketing Foods announces transaction price to sell subsidiary

Monday, 21 Apr 2014

Sanko Marketing Foods Co Ltd:To sell 10,000 shares (100 pct voting power) in a new subsidiary, which will take over 68 ramen stores from the company, to three Tokyo-based companies at the price of 762 mln yen.

Sanko Marketing Foods announces spin-off plan and sale of subsidiary

Thursday, 10 Apr 2014

Sanko Marketing Foods Co Ltd:To spin off 68 ramen stores to a new wholly owned subsidiary, which will be established on June 2 in Tokyo.To sell 10,000 shares (100 pct voting power) in the new subsidiary to three Tokyo-based companies, on June 2.Transaction price was not determined.

Dowell Property Holdings Ltd announces cessation of operation of restaurant business

Tuesday, 8 Apr 2014

Dowell Property Holdings Ltd:Decided to cease operation of restaurant business after close-down of Eighteen Brook Cantonese Cuisine operated by subsidiary.

Thai Village Holdings Ltd announces striking-off wholly-owned sub-subsidiary

Friday, 14 Mar 2014

Thai Village Holdings Ltd:Says its wholly-owned sub-subsidiary, The Noodle Expert Pte. Ltd had submitted its application to Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority to strike off its name from the Register.As part of the company’s on-going effort to streamline the group structure and reduce cost, it was decided to strike off TNE.Principal activity of TNE was operation of food and beverage outlet.TNE was dormant and ceased operation since Nov. 15, 2011.

S&P Syndicate PCL announces dissolution of subsidiary

Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

S&P Syndicate PCL:Announces the dissolution and liquidation of S&P Food Solution Co Ltd (S&PFS), a unit of the company.S&PFS has ceased the operation of the business activity since 2010.

Barunson updates plan of divesting business into new subsidiary

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2014

Barunson:Says updated plan of divesting its stationery and toy manufacturing and sales business into a new wholly owned subsidiary, which was previously announced on Dec. 23, 2013.Says division effective date and registration date were respectively amended from Mar. 7 and Mar. 11, to Mar. 13 and Mar. 18.


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