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G Three Holdings to launch new business

Wednesday, 27 Apr 2016

G Three Holdings CORPORATION:To launch electricity sale business via operation of solar power station as a new business, since May 31.

PATH to set up wholly owned subsidiary and to transfer business to new subsidiary

Friday, 4 Mar 2016

PATH Corp:To set up wholly owned subsidiary in Tokyo, in mid-March.To transfer website and communication business to the newly established subsidiary.

Shanghai LongYun Advertising & Media subsidiary to establish new subsidiary

Monday, 14 Dec 2015

Shanghai LongYun Advertising & Media Co Ltd:Sichuan-based subsidiary to establish new subsidiary in Tibet, with a registered capital of 1million yuan.The new subsidiary will be engaged in design, production and release domestic advertising business.

INSIGHT subsidiary announces business alliance with Osaka-based company and to start new business

Friday, 30 Oct 2015

INSIGHT INC:Its Sapporo-based subsidiary forms a business alliance with an Osaka-based company which is engaged in acupuncture and moxibustion and bonesetting clinic support business in Oct. 30.Says its Sapporo-based subsidiary to start bonesetting clinic chain store business as new business and to open a bonesetting clinic in Sapporo in Feb. 2016.


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