Budget 2013

UK banks step up pace of mortgage approvals

LONDON British banks approved more mortgages in October than a month before, taking the annual growth rate to the highest since April 2014, while personal lending expanded by the largest amount since March.

Money Home, Money 9:45am GMT

Bank of England's Broadbent struck by lack of UK credit growth

LONDON Britain's economy is not going through a credit boom and the fall in manufacturing employment in the country is a result of global trends, Bank of England Deputy Governor Ben Broadbent was quoted as saying in a newspaper interview published on Tuesday.

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Exhaustion of austerity meets maxed-out monetary policy

LONDON There won't be any press conferences, fireworks or tears to mark its passing, but the latest wave of austerity worldwide may well have had its day.

7:16am GMT

Bank of England's Carney says rate hike timing is still a question

LONDON Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said he did not know when British interest rates should start to rise, once again sounding vaguer than before about when the BoE might begin easing the economy off record-low borrowing costs.

Money Home, Money 24 Nov 2015

Osborne to bump up UK borrowing target by 5 billion pounds - Reuters poll

LONDON Chancellor George Osborne will have to borrow 5 billion pounds more this financial year than he planned in July, according to a Reuters poll conducted before a budget statement he is due to deliver on Wednesday.

24 Nov 2015

BoE's Haldane sees more growth risks than in Inflation Report

LONDON There are more downside risks to British economic growth and inflation than reflected in the Bank of England's latest economic outlook, the central bank's chief economist Andy Haldane said on Tuesday.

24 Nov 2015

Risk of market jolt on Brexit could complicate BoE decision

LONDON UK markets have not even begun to discount the chance that Britain could vote to leave the European Union next year, raising the risk of a blowup closer to the vote and complicating the timing of any Bank of England interest rate rise, top investors say.

BoE official says Paris attacks unlikely to have much impact on UK or global economy

LONDON The attacks in Paris are unlikely to have a significant impact on the British or global economy, a Bank of England policymaker was quoted on Monday as saying.

23 Nov 2015

Brexit may not impact UK credit rating - Moody's

LONDON Britain may not face a credit rating downgrade if it votes to leave the European Union in a membership referendum due by the end of 2017, the lead UK analyst at ratings agency Moody's said in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

23 Nov 2015


Felix Salmon

Britain’s fiscal failure

We’re now in a world where the wonkiest columnist in the driest newspaper in Britain is stating his case far more simply and clearly than a populist PR man turned PM.  Commentary 

Edward Hadas

Policy rhetoric flies in the face of reality

When words and actions don’t match up, the problem is usually overly ambitious promises. In the debate on economic policy in the UK, the failure is in the present – the government’s description of fiscal and monetary policy flies in the face of reality.  Commentary 

Peter Gumbel

A devalued pound can’t save the economy

Does devaluation still work? In the era after the financial crisis of 2007-08, there is mounting evidence that devaluation may not be able to help kick-start a stalled economy as readily as it may once have done.  Commentary 

Robert Cole

Homeowner tax switch would help

To tackle debt Osborne needs to protect tax revenue. To maximise revenue, and appease recession-restless voters, he needs to promote economic growth. He could do all three by stamping on the UK’s property transaction tax and closing a crucial loophole.  Commentary 

Kathleen Brooks

In defence of Osborne

You may say that our dreadful growth is the result of a lack of fiscal strategy, but this would be wrong. The trouble is that the economic strategy Osborne has adopted takes a long time to bear fruit and is fairly anti-growth, at least for the first few years.  Commentary 

Laurence Copeland

Budget day cheer is here again

Budget Day again, and the pressure on Chancellor George Osborne is rising ominously. There is little agreement about what needs to be done, but complete agreement that something has to change because the state of Britain’s economy is simply awful.  Commentary