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The road to Brexit


No longer an also-ran, Corbyn hits campaign trail

REDRUTH, England British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is back on the campaign trail just weeks after losing an election, betting that Prime Minister Theresa May's minority government will soon collapse.

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EFTA court offers way-out for Britain post-Brexit - court president

BRUSSELS/LONDON The court of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) could present a way-out for Britain as it seeks a new authority to arbitrate in disputes after it leaves the European Union, the president of the court said on Monday.


Britain pushes plan on goods and services in post-Brexit talks, EU sceptical

LONDON/BRUSSELS Britain urged the European Union on Monday not to separate goods from services in Brexit talks, further outlining its negotiating stance to try to nudge discussions forward to a second phase on future relations.


Czechs may seek observer seat at beefed-up euro group to keep information flow

PRAGUE The Czech Republic may try to get an observer seat at the euro group of euro zone finance ministers if its decision-making powers are boosted under plans to reshape the European Union, the foreign minister said on Monday.


Hong Kong property investors go trophy hunting in London despite Brexit

LONDON Chinese investment in London commercial property has more than trebled since before Britain voted to leave the European Union, most of it channelled through Hong Kong at a time of heightened political uncertainty in the former British colony. | Video


Britain's current account deficit was bigger than thought in 2015 - ONS

LONDON Britain's current account deficit, the largest of any major economy last year, was even bigger in 2015 than previously thought, according to new estimates from the Office for National Statistics.


Britain confident of moving onto second phase of Brexit talks

LONDON Britain is confident its Brexit talks with the European Union are making sufficient progress to move to a second phase in the negotiations to discuss its future partnership by October, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday.


Britain will not exclude possible EU oversight of UK borders after Brexit

LONDON Britain will not rule out the possibility that the European Union may retain oversight of customs controls at UK borders after it leaves the bloc, as the country seeks ways to keep unhindered access to EU markets following Brexit.


Britain calls on EU to move Brexit talks forward

LONDON Brexit minister David Davis called on the European Union on Sunday to relax its position that the two sides must first make progress on a divorce settlement before moving on to discussing future relations.


Frankfurt and Dublin make bankers feel wanted in battle for Brexit jobs

LONDON/DUBLIN "I'm here to send you the regards of the Federal Chancellor. I am entitled to tell you we want you in Germany." This private message from Angela Merkel, delivered by a regional politician to Wall Street bankers last year, is having the desired effect. | Video


UK to release tranche of Brexit position papers

LONDON Britain will issue a cluster of new papers this week to outline its strategy positions in divorce talks with the European Union, ranging from regulation of goods to data protection, the UK's Brexit department said on Sunday.

Belgium's Lotus Bakeries raises prices in Britain due to weak pound

Belgian biscuit maker Lotus Bakeries reported higher first-half profits on Friday and said it has had to raise the prices of its products in Britain because of weakness in the pound.


Britain receives record number of foreign visitors in second quarter 2017

LONDON Britain received a record number of foreign visitors in the second quarter of 2017, and the number of Britons making trips abroad reached an all-time high for the time of year, official figures showed on Friday.


Pakistan's Malala 'excited' after winning place at Oxford University

BIRMINGHAM, England Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai, the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize when she was 17, said on Thursday she was "excited" after winning a place to study at Oxford University. | Video


Britain 'confident' of new phase in Brexit talks by October

LONDON Britain said on Thursday it was "confident" talks with the European Union would move towards discussing their future relationship by October, in contrast to warnings from the top EU negotiator that the target is receding.