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Deflation threat retreats as euro zone households see rising prices


BRUSSELS - Confidence in the euro zone's economy stabilised in May after a strong start to the year, held back from further gains by pessimism among households, who also expect rising prices in a sign of the retreating threat of deflation.


ECB warns low economic growth is risk to financial stability 10:03am BST

LONDON - Low economic growth and rising asset prices pose a risk to financial stability in the euro zone, the European Central bank said on Thursday.


ECB's Constancio - Stability risk if market sell-off dents recovery 10:03am BST

FRANKFURT - A sharp sell-off in financial markets that derails the euro zone's economic recovery is the biggest risk to the bloc's financial stability, ECB Vice President Vitor Constancio said on Thursday.

ECB might ease Greek restrictions if aid deal likely - source 27 May 2015

LONDON - The European Central Bank might ease restrictions on how much short-term Greek government debt the country's banks can hold if becomes clear the euro zone will disburse long-awaited aid to Athens, a banking source said on Wednesday.

U.S. urges EU, IMF to be flexible with Greece 27 May 2015

LONDON - The United States urged international creditors to show more flexibility in negotiations with Greece's cash-strapped government to avert a possible Greek default and exit from the euro zone with incalculable consequences.


Finland appoints Eurosceptic, anti-bailout foreign minister 27 May 2015

HELSINKI - Finland's new government has picked Timo Soini, leader of The Finns, a Eurosceptic party, as its new foreign and Europe minister, reinforcing a hardline stance over euro zone bailouts such as that for Greece.

Greek bank outflows accelerate, reached 5 billion euros in April - bankers 27 May 2015

ATHENS - Greek banks have seen deposit outflows accelerate over the past week as fears rise that the euro zone country will default on debt, two banking sources said on Wednesday.


Greece must stay in euro but work to avoid default - German economic adviser 27 May 2015

BERLIN - Greece must remain a member of the euro zone but it must stop wasting time and do all it can to avoid defaulting on its debts to the IMF, the head of the panel of economic experts that advises the German government said.


French-German euro zone blueprint could frustrate Cameron plans 26 May 2015

BERLIN - Germany and France have agreed plans to strengthen cooperation among euro zone countries without changing existing EU treaties, in a potential setback for British Prime Minister David Cameron as he holds key meetings this week with both countries' leaders.

'Grexit' risk dips even as aid talks go to the wire - investor survey 26 May 2015

LONDON - The probability Greece will leave the euro zone in the next year has fallen even as Athens is fast running out of time to reach a cash-for-reforms deal with its EU lenders, a May survey of mostly German-based investors showed.


German consumer morale brightens further heading into June

BERLIN - Morale among German consumers improved heading into June, helped by a growing willingness to make purchases, a survey showed on Wednesday. | Video

French foreign minister to visit Israel, Palestinian territories as part of efforts to revive peace talks

PARIS - France's foreign minister said on Thursday he would travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories in June, aiming to press ahead in getting an international consensus for a U.N. Security Council resolution that would set parameters for peace talks.


Italy business and consumer morale fall in May

ROME - Morale among Italian manufacturers and consumers both fell in May, missing expectations and raising questions about the strength of a nascent economic recovery, data showed on Thursday.

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