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Brexit campaigner Farage says to address Trump rally


LONDON Nigel Farage, an anti-immigration politician who was a figurehead of the successful campaign to get Britain out of the European Union, intends to address a Donald Trump rally on Wednesday, a spokesman said.


Merkel urges judicious moves by remaining EU states after Brexit vote 24 Aug 2016

TALLINN The 27 countries that will remain in the European Union after Britain leaves must listen to each other carefully and avoid rushing into policy decisions, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday.


Hands across the North Sea? Flanders eyes post-Brexit union 24 Aug 2016

BRUSSELS With Britain leaving the European Union, its neighbours and historic trading partners in Flanders think it is time to revive efforts to forge a new North Sea union to tighten links around shared waters.

Brexit a boon for Berlin's fintech talent pool 24 Aug 2016

BERLIN Britain's vote to leave the European Union has spurred a surge in the number of financial service industry workers now based in the UK applying to work in Berlin's burgeoning fintech scene, several of the city's start-ups told Reuters.


Austria's far-right candidate bets on old recipe for presidency success 24 Aug 2016

VIENNA Austria's far-right Freedom Party (FPO) kicked off its campaign for president on Wednesday with the slogan "Power needs control", seeking to get its candidate Norbert Hofer elected on a promise of toughness after concerns over Europe's migrant crisis.

New trade deal with Britain may take time, Norwegian minister says 24 Aug 2016

OSLO Norway wants to maintain a good relationship with Britain after it leaves the European Union but it may take a long time for a new trade agreement to be established, the EU affairs minister in Oslo said on Wednesday.


UK banks approve fewest mortgages since January 2015, consumer credit growth strong 24 Aug 2016

LONDON The number of mortgages approved by British banks fell to its lowest in a year in the month following Britain's vote to leave the European Union, but robust credit growth added to signs that the decision has had little impact on consumers so far.


EU warns Greece statistics row 'dangerous' for bailout 24 Aug 2016

BRUSSELS/ATHENS The European Union called on Greece on Wednesday to quash what Brussels said were false accusations the Greek statistics agency rigged data to help foreign creditors and warned that the row posed risks to Athens' current bailout programme.


EU says Greek debt statistics not manipulated in 2010-2015 24 Aug 2016

BRUSSELS The European Union's Employment Commissioner Marianne Thyssen said on Wednesday the Greek statistics office did not manipulate data on the country's debt in 2010-2015 and that she had sent a letter to Athens asking it to refute any such suggestions.


WPP sees signs of post-Brexit recovery in British ad market 24 Aug 2016

LONDON WPP , the world's largest advertising group, reported a better than expected jump in first-half net sales and said its British operations showed signs in July of a "post-Brexit recovery", sending its shares to a record high.


Merkel under fire after call for Turks in Germany to show 'loyalty'

BERLIN German politicians on Wednesday criticised Chancellor Angela Merkel for saying that people with a Turkish background who live in Germany should show "loyalty to our country", calling her comment unnecessarily divisive at a particularly difficult time.

France denies it omitted elements in Renault emissions report

PARIS France's Environment Ministry on Wednesday denied it had omitted key elements concerning some Renault cars in a report on vehicle pollution it commissioned following the Volkswagen emissions scandal last year.

Africa's children to account for 40 percent of world's poorest people by 2030 - thinktank

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - African children will account for more than 40 percent of the world's poorest people in 2030, almost double the current share, unless more is done to improve education and healthcare, a UK-based thinktank said on Thursday.

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