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UK vows action after racist attacks on Poles and Muslims in wake of Brexit


LONDON Polish and Muslim leaders in Britain expressed concern on Monday after a spate of racially motivated hate crimes following last week's vote to leave the European Union in which immigration was widely regarded as a key factor in the outcome. | Video


Brexit vote sends new shocks through markets; political chaos deepens 11:04pm BST

LONDON Britain's vote to leave the European Union sent new shockwaves through financial markets on Monday, with the pound falling despite government attempts to ease the political and economic turmoil that has been unleashed. | Video


Warning of instability, Dutch PM calls for gradual British departure from EU 11:04pm BST

AMSTERDAM Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte called on Monday for Britain to make a gradual transition out of the European Union after its vote for Brexit, which he said had triggered a political and economic crisis that threatens the rest of the bloc.


Ratings agencies rip into UK's credit score after Brexit vote 11:01pm BST

LONDON Britain suffered further blows to its economic standing on Monday as two top ratings agencies downgraded its sovereign credit score, judging last week's vote to leave the European Union would hurt its economy.


Jeremy Hunt sees second EU vote if migration deal struck with Brussels - Telegraph 10:47pm BST

LONDON Britain could hold a second referendum on European Union membership if it can broker a deal with the EU to allow full control of its borders, health secretary Jeremy Hunt said in a letter published by the Daily Telegraph on Monday.


Moody's set to cut major UK banks' credit rating outlooks - Sky News 10:29pm BST

LONDON Ratings agency Moody's will downgrade the credit rating outlook for major British banks to "negative" on Tuesday because of the fallout from the vote to leave the European Union, Sky News reported, citing sources.


Analysis - UK's friends seek EU third way as Johnson wants all the cake 10:08pm BST

BRUSSELS Boris Johnson's rosy vision of Britain's future relationship with the European Union after leading the victorious campaign to leave it resembles his declared policy on cake - "pro having it and pro eating it". | Video


Preparing for Brexit, Britain may see new PM by early September 9:41pm BST

LONDON Britain could have a new prime minister by early September, the ruling Conservative Party said on Monday, after David Cameron started laying the groundwork for his successor to trigger the country's exit from the European Union.


Jeremy Hunt 'highly likely' to launch leadership bid - Spectator magazine 9:35pm BST

LONDON Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is "highly likely" to launch a bid to succeed David Cameron as prime minister, the political editor of the Spectator magazine tweeted on Monday, without citing sources.


Corbyn defiant as policy team quit en masse 9:28pm BST

LONDON Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn vowed to fight to retain control of his Labour party on Monday after almost all his policy team withdrew their support for him in protest after Britons voted to leave the European Union. | Video


Scots say they hear 'sympathy' as EU says open to talks

LUXEMBOURG Scotland was assured of an "open door" to talks in Brussels and said it had found understanding on Monday from some European governments of its push to stay in the EU after Britain voted to leave the bloc.

France's Juppe calls for referendum on a new EU project

PARIS Europe needs to be reinvented according to a new plan that could be put to an EU-wide referendum later, but it would be "totally irresponsible" to hold a plebiscite in France before that, France's would-be president, Alain Juppe, said on Monday.


Italy prepares to shield its banks from Brexit fallout

ROME Italy is preparing to protect its banks from a destabilising share sell-off following last week's Brexit vote, sources told Reuters on Monday.

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