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Dutch PM says Greece must accept deep reforms


AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands' prime minister, Mark Rutte, said on Monday that Greece will have to accept deep reforms if it wants to remain in the euro zone.


French, German leaders urge Greece to offer quick proposals 06 Jul 2015

PARIS - Leaders of France and Germany told Greece's government the door for negotiations with creditors remained open but urged it to make credible proposals at a euro zone summit to reach a cash-for-reform deal and so avoid a euro zone exit.


France's Sapin - it's down to Athens to make realistic proposals 06 Jul 2015

WARSAW - The Greek government, after winning backing for its stance in Sunday's referendum, now has the capacity to submit realistic proposals in talks this week with euro zone creditors, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said on Monday.


Greek crisis could deteriorate rapidly, says Osborne 06 Jul 2015

LONDON - British finance minister George Osborne on Monday warned the financial situation in Greece could deteriorate rapidly following Greece's vote to reject the terms of its bailout, urging Athens and euro zone leaders to reach a new agreement.


German line hardens after Greeks reject bailout terms 06 Jul 2015

BERLIN - The German government signalled a tough line towards Greece on Monday, saying it saw no basis for new bailout negotiations and insisting it was up to Athens to move swiftly if it wanted to preserve its place in the euro zone.


Slovenian PM says expects new proposal from Greece 06 Jul 2015

LJUBLJANA - Euro zone member Slovenia expects Greece to put forward a new proposal on Tuesday but will not agree to "experiments by the Greek government", the government said in a statement on its website on Monday.

S&P says Grexit now more likely than not, but contagion risks low 06 Jul 2015

LONDON - The top European sovereign analyst at rating agency Standard & Poor's said it was now more likely than not that Greece would leave the euro following the country's overwhelming vote against EU-prescribed austerity measures.


Euro zone meeting must fix Greece crisis - Italy's Renzi 06 Jul 2015

ROME - Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said high-level euro zone meetings slated for Tuesday must resolve Greece's debt crisis once and for all.


'Grexit' tips over to base case for many big banks 06 Jul 2015

LONDON - Greece leaving the euro zone has tipped over to become the base case for many international bank economists after Sunday's overwhelming 'No' vote against further austerity imposed by creditors.

Britain says Greece and euro zone need a sustainable solution 06 Jul 2015

LONDON - Greece and the euro zone need to find a sustainable solution after Greeks voted 'No' to a bailout proposal, British Prime Minister David Cameron's spokeswoman said on Monday.


Germany, France press Greece to make fast, credible proposals

PARIS/ATHENS - France and Germany told Greece on Monday to come up with serious proposals in order to restart financial aid talks, a day after Greeks voted overwhelmingly to reject more austerity. | Video

France tries to keep path open for Greece accord

PARIS - France urged Greece on Monday to come back to the negotiating table with new proposals, insisting a cash-for-reform deal was possible even as the country's resounding 'No' vote prompted growing German calls for its exit from the euro zone.

Italy urges compromise to keep Greece in euro zone

ROME - Italy on Monday called for Greece and its creditors to resume negotiations with a greater willingness to compromise in order to resolve Greece's debt crisis and ensure Athens is not pushed out of the euro zone.

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