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Insight - Export-hooked Germany rebalances economy - up to a point


BERLIN In 2010, France's then Finance Minister Christine Lagarde urged Germany to boost economic demand at home and help weaker euro zone states recover from the global crisis. Six years on, it is delivering - up to a point and as much by accident as by design.


Tax hikes 'self defeating' when trying to cut govt debt - ECB paper 08 Feb 2016

FRANKFURT Raising taxes is "self defeating" when a country tries to bring down the ratio between its public debt and economic output, according to a research paper published by the European Central Bank on Monday and based on the euro zone's recent history.


Trickle of inflows point to long road to normality for Greek banks 08 Feb 2016

ATHENS Greek banks have seen only a trickle of deposit inflows six months after the country clinched a third bailout to stay in the euro zone, and will remain hooked on central bank borrowing for months as confidence has yet to be fully restored.


German, French central bankers call for euro zone finance ministry 07 Feb 2016

BERLIN The euro zone needs to press ahead with structural reforms and closer integration, including an euro zone finance ministry, to deliver sustainable growth, the heads of the French and German central banks wrote in a German newspaper on Monday.


Eurosytem financial assets grew by 5 percent per year since 2002 - ECB 05 Feb 2016

FRANKFURT Assets held by euro zone central banks for purposes other than monetary policy have grown by an average 5 percent per year since the introduction of the euro, data from the European Central Bank showed on Friday.


Brexit would hurt pound, not euro - euro zone bailout fund head 05 Feb 2016

BRUSSELS Any British decision to leave the European Union, dubbed Brexit, would hurt the pound currency, but would not have an impact on the euro, the head of the euro zone bailout fund Klaus Regling told a financial forum on Friday.


Top euro zone economy forecaster optimistic on growth 05 Feb 2016

The recent pickup in euro zone economic growth will be maintained this year but the European Central Bank will have to ease policy again to boost weak inflation, according to the top forecaster for the currency bloc in Reuters polls last year.

Speculators veer toward stronger euro in headache for ECB 04 Feb 2016

LONDON Market expectations for euro exchange rates over the next three months flipped on Thursday into positive territory for the first time since 2012, a headache for euro zone officials hoping for a boost to growth from a weaker currency.


Growth, migration worries put EU deficit rules to new test 04 Feb 2016

BRUSSELS Almost half of euro zone countries are facing a clash over EU deficit reduction rules unless they change policies, European Commission forecasts showed, posing a challenge to EU laws that set limits on spending to protect the value of the euro.


Euro zone GDP to grow moderately in 2016, 2017 - Commission 04 Feb 2016

BRUSSELS Euro zone economic growth will slightly accelerate this year and next, the European Commission estimated on Thursday, but the pace will be slower in 2016 than previously forecast because of increased global risks.

German power firms shift focus to Berlin as nuclear commission meets

FRANKFURT German utilities will be anxiously watching Berlin on Friday when a government-appointed commission looks at ways to safeguard the billions of euros they have set aside to pay for the country's nuclear exit.

France rejects special treatment for UK banks in EU package

PARIS France's finance minister said on Wednesday British banks must not win special treatment under a proposed European Union reform package aimed at keeping Britain in the bloc after French banks warned the proposals were unfair.

Italian government approves decree aimed at helping battered banking sector

ROME The Italian government approved a package of measures on Wednesday aimed at helping the country's ailing banking sector, including the creation of a guarantee scheme to enable domestic banks to offload non-performing loans.

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