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ECB's Mersch calls for European capital markets union


FRANKFURT - European Central Bank policymaker Yves Mersch called on Sunday for the euro zone to pursue deeper integration, including a capital markets union that would enable a company in one country to issue a bond in another.


Draghi says euro zone governments need to redouble reform efforts 24 Jan 2015

BERLIN - National governments in the euro zone need to redouble their reform efforts to create a "genuine" economic union, ECB Mario Draghi wrote in a German magazine published on Saturday after the European Central Bank's bond-buying programme was unveiled.


ECB's Mersch: German reservations reflected in QE's 'small print' 24 Jan 2015

BERLIN - European Central Bank Executive Board member Yves Mersch said in an interview published on Saturday that Germany's reservations about ECB bond-buying were reflected in the "small print" of the plan to pump fresh cash into the ailing euro zone economy.


Greece to need another bailout extension - euro zone official 23 Jan 2015

BRUSSELS - Greece will have to ask for a new extension to its euro zone bailout programme before 1.8 billion euros in pending aid can be paid, a senior euro zone official said on Friday, stressing that a new government must first be in place to do so.


Greek anti-austerity party holds lead before Sunday elections 23 Jan 2015

ATHENS - Greece's leftist Syriza party held onto its opinion poll lead on Friday as it campaigns to form the first euro zone government committed to scrapping austerity outright after elections this weekend.


ECB's trillion-euro move offers short-term boost, but at a cost 23 Jan 2015

FRANKFURT - ECB chief Mario Draghi's 1 trillion euros (0.75 trillion pounds) of fresh money could prove the masterstroke that saves the euro zone for now, but it breaks the principle that the bloc acts as one, a move that could ultimately undermine the currency he is trying to save. | Video

Factbox - ECB policymakers' recent comments 23 Jan 2015

FRANKFURT - The European Central Bank announced on Thursday a plan to pump at least 1.1 trillion euros (0.82 trillion pounds) into the ailing euro zone economy to prevent the currency bloc from slipping into deflation.


ECB launches 1 trillion euro rescue plan to revive euro economy 23 Jan 2015

FRANKFURT - The European Central Bank took the ultimate policy leap on Thursday, launching a government bond-buying programme which will pump hundreds of billions in new money into a sagging euro zone economy. | Video

Weidmann fears ECB bond-buying will take pressure of Italy, France 23 Jan 2015

BERLIN - Jens Weidmann, the head of Germany's central bank, said in an interview released on Friday the ECB's bond-buying programme would take the pressure of euro zone countries such as Italy and France - which he named - to continue their economic reforms.


Merkel says euro zone reforms must continue after ECB move 23 Jan 2015

FLORENCE, Italy - The European Central Bank's bond-buying programme must not be used as a justification by euro zone governments to slacken economic reforms, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday.


Fines, reforms force Deutsche Bank to face tough strategy choices

FRANKFURT - Deutsche Bank will remember Thursday, Jan. 8 as the start of “Duesselgate”, a nickname born not of wrongdoing, but from the shockwaves sent by a speech given in Germany's former industrial heart.

French court approves stripping nationality of Franco-Moroccan jihadist

PARIS - France's top court ruled on Friday it was possible to strip the nationality of a Franco-Moroccan man naturalised as French who was convicted on terrorism charges, paving the way for more dual nationality jihadists to lose their passports.


Italy cheers ECB bond buying plan, sees big boost to economy

ROME - The European Central Bank's bond buying programme will give a decisive boost to Italy's stagnant economy, business lobby Confindustria said on Saturday, while the Bank of Italy said it would make it easier to pass reforms.

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