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Scotland could veto Brexit laws to protect its interests -Sturgeon


LONDON Scotland's parliament would consider blocking legislation on Britain's exit from the European Union if that were necessary to protect Scottish interests, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Sunday.


British EU exit turmoil alarms Asia, rocks Labour opposition 12:26pm BST

LONDON/BEIJING Turmoil unleashed by Britain's vote to leave the EU engulfed the opposition Labour Party while policymakers as far away as China, Japan and South Korea fretted on Sunday over the threat to global financial stability, hours before markets reopen.


Many US firms playing catch-up after surprise EU exit vote 11:50am BST

NEW YORK/CHICAGO The risk that Britain could yank itself out of the European Union had been telegraphed for over a year, but even U.S. companies with "Brexit" contingency plans have said they were shocked it is now on track to become reality, and are just beginning to work through all of the implications.


No direct impact on Israeli economy from Brexit - Netanyahu 11:42am BST

JERUSALEM There will be no direct impact on Israel's economy from Britain's decision to leave the European Union, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.


Corbyn sacks foreign policy chief, deepens divisions 11:40am BST

LONDON Britain's opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sacked his foreign policy chief on Sunday, a spokesman said, plunging the party into open conflict after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Third UK Labour policy chief out after Brexit vote 11:40am BST

LONDON Gloria de Piero, youth policy chief for Britain's opposition Labour Party, resigned on Sunday, British media reported as the party plunged into full-blown crisis in the wake of Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

'Fair number' of Labour policy chiefs to resign - MP 11:35am BST

LONDON Heidi Alexander, who resigned as health policy chief for Britain's opposition Labour Party on Sunday, said she expected several of her colleagues in party leader Jeremy Corbyn's top team to do the same.

Britain needs to leave EU at start of 2019 - Conservative MP 11:33am BST

LONDON Britain needs to decide its position, start talks and aim to leave the European Union at the beginning of 2019, leading Brexit campaigner and Conservative lawmaker Liam Fox said on Sunday.


Tsipras blames Brexit on austerity, deficiencies in EU leadership 10:44am BST

ATHENS Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, whose own rebellion against European Union policy brought the bloc to a crisis last year, said on Saturday he did not blame the British people for voting to leave but rather EU leaders. | Video

British cabinet to remain in post after Brexit vote - foreign minister 10:44am BST

LONDON Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Sunday Britain's cabinet, which was split over whether the country should vote to leave the European Union, would remain in place until a new prime minister was in office.

Juncker says up to Britain's EU commissioner whether to stay in job - paper

BERLIN European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said it was up Jonathan Hill, Britain's EU commissioner, whether to stay in office following the UK vote to leave the European Union, Germany's Bild newspaper reported on Saturday.

France's Macron wants EU-wide referendum, far-left slams Hollande "nervousness"

PARIS France's economy minister said on Saturday that the European Union needs a new road map that should be devised in consultation with voters and then put to a referendum, as Paris sought for ways to handle the fallout at home from the Brexit vote.


Italy economy minister says Brexit likely to hit growth, public finances

MILAN Italy's Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan said on Saturday that Britain's vote to leave the European Union could lead to the Italian economy growing less than initially forecast, with a negative impact on public finances.

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