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China wants a successful G20 but suspects West may derail agenda


BEIJING China is hoping to cement its standing as a global power when it hosts leaders from the world's biggest economies this weekend, but suspects the West and its allies will try to deny Beijing what it sees as its rightful place on the international stage.

Brazil's Dilma Rousseff takes stand in impeachment trial

BRASILIA Suspended President Dilma Rousseff will make a last stand in Brazil's Senate on Monday in an impeachment trial that is widely expected to remove her from office and end more than a decade of leftist rule by her Workers Party.

World, 4:02am BST

Germany, Poland and France call for more efforts to end Ukraine crisis

WEIMAR, Germany The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland agreed on Sunday there should be greater international efforts to end the fighting in eastern Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters.

World, 28 Aug 2016

Rollout of final derivatives rules leaves patchy picture of risks

LONDON Eight years since Lehman Brothers' collapse sent the financial system into a tailspin, a remaining reform to make derivatives safer will be rolled out from next week, though regulators still won't have a full snapshot of risks in the $493 trillion (371.50 trillion pounds) sector.

Business, 26 Aug 2016

Erdogan, Putin agree to speed up efforts for Aleppo aid delivery

ANKARA Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russia's Vladimir Putin agreed in a phone call on Friday to accelerate efforts to deliver aid to Syria's Aleppo, Erdogan's office said in a statement.

World, 26 Aug 2016

Some hotels in Chinese city block people from five Muslim countries

BEIJING Police have ordered some low-end hotels in the Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou not to allow guests from five Muslim-majority countries to stay, though China's foreign ministry said it had never heard of the policy.

World, Syria, Iraq, Middle East 26 Aug 2016

China urges Japan to be 'constructive' at G20 summit

BEIJING Japan should play a "constructive" role at the upcoming G20 summit in the Chinese city of Hangzhou because cooperation is in the interests of all parties, China's top diplomat told a visiting Japanese envoy.

World, Japan 26 Aug 2016

Brazil's Senate begins Rousseff's impeachment trial

BRASILIA Brazil's Senate began the trial of suspended President Dilma Rousseff on Thursday after a lengthy impeachment process that has paralysed the politics of Latin America's largest nation and is expected to culminate in her removal from office next week.

World, 26 Aug 2016

Regulators to dig deeper into worries over money-laundering checks

LONDON Global regulators will try to get more insight into why major banks are withdrawing from handling cross-border payments, making it harder for people to send money to relatives and loved-ones abroad.

Business, 25 Aug 2016

China expresses concern about Indian missiles on border

BEIJING China's Defence Ministry said on Thursday that it hoped India could put more efforts into regional peace and stability rather than the opposite, in response to Indian plans to put advanced cruise missiles along the disputed border with China.

World, 25 Aug 2016



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