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IMF says China's credit growth is unsustainable

BEIJING The International Monetary Fund on Friday said China needed to slow its unsustainable credit growth and stop financing weak firms.

IMF agrees $12 billion 3-year funding deal with Egypt

CAIRO The International Monetary Fund has agreed in principle to grant Egypt a $12 billion three-year loan facility, to support a government reform programme aimed at plugging a budget gap and rebalancing the currency markets.

Business, Middle East 11 Aug 2016

IMF says agrees $12 billion 3-year funding deal with Egypt

CAIRO The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday it had reached a staff-level agreement with Egypt for a $12 billion (9.26 billion pounds) three-year funding facility to support a government reform programme aimed at cutting the funding gap and improving the currency market.

Business, 11 Aug 2016

ECB negative rates at limit, should focus on asset buys, IMF economists say

LONDON Economists from the International Monetary Fund have urged the European Central Bank to concentrate on asset purchases rather than cutting its already negative interest rates again, if it needs to stimulate the euro zone economy again.

Business, 11 Aug 2016

Lao trade official rejects IMF view that currency too strong

VIENTIANE Laos' currency is not over-valued, a trade ministry official said on Saturday, rejecting an IMF assessment that the kip was too strong for a country with a large current account deficit.

Business, 06 Aug 2016

Ghana lawmakers back budget funding bill; breach terms of IMF deal

ACCRA Ghana's parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a core condition of a $918 million (690 million pounds) International Monetary Fund (IMF) aid deal on Tuesday, breaching the terms of a three-year programme meant to fix an economy dogged by high public debt.

Business, Africa 03 Aug 2016

IMF urges Japan to coordinate fiscal stimulus with further Bank of Japan easing

TOKYO The International Monetary Fund said Tuesday Japan should coordinate fiscal stimulus with further central bank easing measures that could include rate cuts and more asset purchases.

Business, Japan, 02 Aug 2016

Stress tests on Irish banks accentuated possible losses - central bank

DUBLIN Stress tests by the International Monetary Fund and the European Banking Authority (EBA) have shown that Irish banks are adequately capitalised but remain vulnerable to a downturn. Ireland's central bank chief said on Tuesday.

Business, 02 Aug 2016

Bosnia clears last obstacles to progress towards EU, win IMF deal

SARAJEVO Bosnia's rival leaders agreed on Sunday on the key conditions set by the European Union for accepting the country's membership application and cleared the way for winning a much needed IMF loan deal, which was delayed three weeks ago.

World, 31 Jul 2016

IMF failed to push for crucial debt relief in 2010 Greek bailout - auditor

WASHINGTON The International Monetary Fund failed to demand debt relief as part of Greece's 2010 bailout despite widespread staff views that this was critical to the programme's success, an internal audit report showed on Thursday.

Business, 28 Jul 2016