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U.S.-led coalition troops assisting Kurds in new offensive - spokesman

HASSAN SHAMI, Iraq Servicemen from the U.S.-led coalition are assisting Kurdish Peshmerga forces in a new offensive in Iraq that aims to retake a handful of villages from Islamic State east of their Mosul stronghold, a coalition spokesman said.


Clashes between Islamic State, Syria rebels kill dozens near Turkey - monitor 6:22am BST

BEIRUT Fighting between Islamic State (IS) and Syrian rebels near the Turkish border has killed dozens of people in the last two days, as IS militants keep up an offensive that has led to rapid territorial gains, a monitoring group said on Saturday.


Iraqi Sunni politicians reject visit by Iran's Soleimani to Falluja 28 May 2016

BAGHDAD Sunni politicians in Iraq condemned on Saturday a visit by Iranian General Qassem Soleimani to Shi'ite paramilitary forces fighting alongside the Iraqi army to drive Islamic State militants out of the Sunni city of Falluja.

Pakistan bans airing of 'undesired' contraceptive advertisements 28 May 2016

ISLAMABAD Pakistan has banned advertisements for contraceptive products on television and radio over concern that they expose inquisitive children to the subject of sex, local media reported on Saturday.


UNESCO chief sees threat from cultural destruction 28 May 2016

KABUL The world community has yet to find an adequate response to cultural destruction as shown by the deliberate wrecking of ancient sites in Syria and Mali by Islamist radicals, the head of the UN's cultural organisation said.


Pakistani PM to undergo heart surgery in London 28 May 2016

ISLAMABAD Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will undergo open heart surgery in London on Tuesday, his family and office said, in what will be his second cardiac operation in five years.


Islamic State commander in Falluja killed, U.S. military says 28 May 2016

WASHINGTON/BAGHDAD U.S.-led coalition strikes supporting Iraqi forces in the recapture of Falluja have killed 70 Islamic State militants including the group's commander in the city, a U.S military spokesman said on Friday. | Video


Lebanese Hezbollah ministers, MPs could be hit by U.S. law - U.S. official 28 May 2016

BEIRUT Ministers and members of parliament belonging to Lebanon's Hezbollah could be sanctioned under a new U.S. law targeting the group's finances, a U.S. Treasury official said on Friday.

U.S. 'concerned' about Libyan-Americans on trial in UAE - official 27 May 2016

WASHINGTON The U.S. State Department said on Friday it was "concerned" about the case of two Libyan-American businessmen charged by the United Arab Emirates with supporting Libyan militants amid allegations they were tortured into signing a confession.


Islamic State advance near Turkish border, civilians trapped 27 May 2016

BEIRUT Islamic State fighters captured territory from Syrian rebels near the Turkish border on Friday and inched closer to a town on a supply route for foreign-backed insurgents fighting the jihadists, a monitoring group said.

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