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Business Watch: Faith in 'Trump Trade' wavers

Markets weren't very concerned about healthcare and seem to have moved on from the Republicans' failure to overhaul Obamacare. What investors care about is tax reform, and confidence that Trump can keep his campaign promise of overhauling the tax system is starting to waver among market insiders.

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Business Watch: Trouble in retail

British Prime Minister Theresa May won the political battle to launch Brexit talks, but the question of when exactly the negotiations with the European Union will take place remains unanswered.

Business Watch: Stubborn bulls

Investors trying to push the crude market higher finally gave up, triggering the biggest rout in a year on worries that high inventory levels won't budge despite cuts.

Business Watch: Fed talk

Former Tesla executive Peter Carlsson is trying to raise at least $4 billion to build Europe's biggest battery factory for electric cars in Sweden. Carlsson believes European carmakers' push into electric propulsion implies demand for batteries that far exceeds anything so far.