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Brexit referendum not legally binding, Supreme Court told


LONDON The referendum in which Britons voted to leave the European Union is not legally binding, the Supreme Court was told on Wednesday during a hearing on who has the power to trigger Brexit.


Scots push case for special Brexit deal in Brussels 22 Nov 2016

BRUSSELS The Scottish government is pushing for Britain and the European Union to give Scotland special terms in any Brexit deal to keep it closer than England to EU markets, its lead negotiator said in Brussels on Monday.


UK frustratingly unclear about Brexit goals - Scottish minister 18 Nov 2016

BERLIN Scotland's Brexit negotiator said on Thursday it was still frustratingly unclear what kind of divorce the British government was seeking from the European Union, nearly five months after Britons voted in a referendum to leave.


Scottish parliament asks UK to ring-fence Scots EU single market membership 15 Nov 2016

EDINBURGH Scotland's devolved parliament called on Tuesday for the British government to ring-fence its European Union single market membership even as Britain exits the bloc.


Scotland's Sturgeon - court ruling underlines UK government Brexit confusion 03 Nov 2016

EDINBURGH Political leaders in Scotland and Northern Ireland - which both voted to stay in the EU - said Thursday's legal blow to the British government had exposed the confusion of Prime Minister Theresa May's approach to Brexit.


George Hay

Scots 'No' still leaves UK in limbo

The vote against secession in a landmark referendum reduces many risks: financial instability, a UK exit from Europe and a sharp fall in trade. But the bribe to 'No' voters of more devolved powers creates other dangers – including a weakening of the union.  Full Article