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Scottish Independence

British minister says Scotland to leave the EU whether independent or not


EDINBURGH The Secretary of State for Scotland will tell the Scottish parliament on Wednesday that Scotland is leaving the EU whether or not it becomes independent.


Not now, Nicola - Scottish town sees no haste for new independence bid 10 Feb 2017

LINLITHGOW, Scotland Scottish independence supporters in West Lothian have some advice for their First Minister Nicola Sturgeon: bide your time on another referendum.


Unrealistic to see UK/EU trade deal in two years - EU representative 10 Feb 2017

EDINBURGH It is unrealistic for Britain to expect to negotiate its exit from the European Union and reach a free trade agreement in two years and both will probably need an implementation phase, the head of the European Commission's office in Britain said.


Britain tells Scotland - No need for second independence referendum 10 Feb 2017

ROME/LONDON Britain sees no need for a second Scottish independence referendum and the devolved Scottish government should focus on improving the economy and tacking domestic issues rather than flirting with secession, a senior British minister said.


May quashes attempts to derail her Brexit plan in parliament 09 Feb 2017

LONDON Prime Minister Theresa May won approval from parliament's lower chamber on Wednesday to trigger Britain's exit from the European Union, defeating attempts by pro-EU lawmakers to attach extra conditions to her plan to start divorce talks by March 31. | Video


George Hay

Scots 'No' still leaves UK in limbo

The vote against secession in a landmark referendum reduces many risks: financial instability, a UK exit from Europe and a sharp fall in trade. But the bribe to 'No' voters of more devolved powers creates other dangers – including a weakening of the union.  Full Article