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Labour makes slow gains in Scotland, risking UK election defeat - poll


LONDON - Britain's Labour Party has made slow progress in winning over disaffected members in Scotland despite installing a new leader of its Scottish chapter and is set to lose to Scots nationalists in May's UK-wide election, according to a poll on Thursday.


Labour's lost Green voters could tip UK election to Conservatives 12 Feb 2015

BRIGHTON, England - Britain's resurgent Greens are threatening the Labour Party's hopes for election victory in May even though the leftist environmentalists will probably capture no new parliamentary seats and could even lose the only one they hold.


UK referendum to leave EU would hurt growth, bank says 09 Feb 2015

LONDON - Lost growth will cost Britain billions of pounds if it holds a referendum on European Union membership, as increased economic uncertainty leads to a reduction in investment, research from Dutch bank ING suggested on Monday.


Nationalists imperil 35 of Labour's 41 Scottish seats - poll 04 Feb 2015

LONDON - A new opinion poll shows Britain's opposition Labour Party risks losing 35 of its 41 seats in Scotland to nationalists, in a serious setback to its hopes of unseating David Cameron's Conservatives in May elections.


Analysis - Greece shakes Europe's political kaleidoscope: expect the unexpected 01 Feb 2015

LONDON - By catapulting to power an improbable alliance of the hard left and nationalist far right, Greece has shaken up Europe's political kaleidoscope and may have signalled the end of an era of centrist consensus.


George Hay

Scots 'No' still leaves UK in limbo

The vote against secession in a landmark referendum reduces many risks: financial instability, a UK exit from Europe and a sharp fall in trade. But the bribe to 'No' voters of more devolved powers creates other dangers – including a weakening of the union.  Full Article