Scottish Independence

Resurgent Scottish nationalists tilt at Labour for Westminster glory


DUNDEE, Scotland - Among the social housing estates of Scotland's fourth largest city, Ed Miliband's bid to unseat Prime Minister David Cameron is in trouble: His opposition Labour party is haemorrhaging support to nationalists.


Britain announces new powers for Scotland, edges towards federalism 22 Jan 2015

LONDON - The British government began a historic transfer of powers to Scotland on Thursday, keeping a pledge it had given to persuade Scots to reject independence as renewed nationalist support surges.


Catalonia takes election gamble to keep independence drive alive 18 Jan 2015

MADRID - Catalonian leaders are hoping that a regional election in September will keep alive a fading independence drive and force the hand of Spain's central government - but the move could also backfire.


BP, Conoco to cut North Sea jobs as oil price plummets 15 Jan 2015

LONDON - Oil majors BP and ConocoPhillips will cut over 500 jobs in the North Sea following similar moves by rivals to reduce costs in one of the world's most expensive exploration areas as oil prices tumble.


Fending off insurgents, UK's main parties limp towards closest election in memory 06 Jan 2015

LONDON - Britain's politicians returned on Monday from their Christmas break to launch campaigns for what could be the closest election in memory, with the rise of anti-Europeans and Scottish nationalists creating uncertainty unseen since the 1970s.


George Hay

Scots 'No' still leaves UK in limbo

The vote against secession in a landmark referendum reduces many risks: financial instability, a UK exit from Europe and a sharp fall in trade. But the bribe to 'No' voters of more devolved powers creates other dangers – including a weakening of the union.  Full Article