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EPA labs across U.S. face consolidation as budget cuts loom

NEW YORK The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is consolidating research and testing laboratories to cut costs, sparking criticism the move will undercut its ability to respond to regional disasters such as Hurricane Harvey.

Nine elephants accidentally electrocuted in Botswana

Gaborone Nine elephants were electrocuted in central Botswana in a freak accident near the village of Dukwi.

Environment, 8:38pm BST

Puerto Rico power grid faces generational threat in Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria was on course Tuesday to slam Puerto Rico with a direct hit that could devastate the island's underfunded power grid, still recovering from Hurricane Irma two weeks ago.

Environment, 7:27pm BST

ETP says U.S. approves drilling along Rover gas pipeline

Oil and gas pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners LP said on Tuesday it received approval from U.S. energy regulators to resume drilling along its $4.2 billion Rover pipeline project.

Environment, 1:53pm BST

More Florida Keys residents return home to survey Irma's destruction

KEY LARGO, Fla. More residents who had fled the Florida Keys ahead of Hurricane Irma were allowed to return to their homes on Saturday, as authorities prepared to reopen Key West at the end of the devastated archipelago on Sunday.

Environment, 18 Sep 2017

Storm kills eight in Romania, damage hits Serbia, Croatia

BUCHAREST A strong storm killed eight people and injured at least 67 in western Romania on Sunday as winds of up to 100 kph (over 60 mph) also brought destruction to parts of Serbia and Croatia, officials said.

Environment, 17 Sep 2017

Chinese capital bans winter construction to improve air quality

BEIJING Beijing will suspend construction of major public projects in the city this winter in an effort to improve the capital's notorious air quality, official media said on Sunday, citing the municipal commission of housing and urban-rural development.

Environment, 17 Sep 2017

Protesters set to rally against Australia's biggest coal project

SYDNEY Environmental activists are due to start a week of protests on Sunday against a major coal mining project they say will damage Australia's Great Barrier Reef and contribute to global warming.

Environment, 17 Sep 2017

Factbox: Some 1.5 million still without power in U.S. Southeast after Irma

U.S. Southeast utilities said on Friday they restored power to over 80 percent of the 7.8 million homes and businesses knocked out by Hurricane Irma, leaving about 1.5 million of those customers still without electricity.

Environment, 15 Sep 2017

FACTBOX: Oil companies in Caribbean, southeast U.S. continue restart after Irma

Energy infrastructure companies in the Caribbean and southeastern United States continued to restart as of Friday after shutdowns due to Hurricane Irma.

Environment, 15 Sep 2017

China’s cities see clean air, water as magnet for investment

Despite severe air pollution, local and provincial officials in the Chinese city of Nanchang are trying to clean it up and make it more attractive for foreign investment, making the city an important test case for efforts to ease the environmental damage from unchecked economic growth.