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Kansas City area hit by floods after three days of downpour

The Kansas City area was flooded late Friday after a three-day downpour, forcing emergency services to conduct about 10 water rescues in Missouri's largest city, officials said. | Video

Office workers turn urban gardeners on Paris luxury store rooftops

PARIS Le Bon Marche and La Grande Epicerie, two landmark Paris luxury stores have turned their joint rooftops into an urban garden for staff who can grow their own crops in their free time.

Environment, Life 26 Aug 2016

Obama expands Hawaii marine reserve in final push on climate

WASHINGTON U.S. President Barack Obama will dramatically expand the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument off the coast of Hawaii on Friday, the White House said, an action that will ban commercial fishing from more than 582,500 sq miles (1.5 million sq km) of the Pacific Ocean. | Video

Environment, 26 Aug 2016

Efficient cookstoves save trees - and chickens - in Kenya

GICHANGI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Farmers in Kenya's Laikipia County have found a clever way to reduce their use of wood for fuel while raising more chickens for cash: an efficient ceramic cooking stove that doubles as a chick brooding box.

Environment, 26 Aug 2016

Ancient Greece's restored Tower of Winds keeps its secrets

ATHENS It is said to be the world's first weather station, to date back more than 2,000 years, and to have been used by merchants to tell the time - even in darkness. | Video

Environment, Life, 25 Aug 2016

Myanmar soldiers, police seal off ancient temples damaged by quake

BAGAN, Myanmar Truckloads of soldiers and squadrons of police sealed off some of the centuries-old Buddhist pagodas around Myanmar's ancient capital of Bagan on Thursday, a day after at least 187 of the brick temples were damaged in a powerful earthquake. | Video

Environment, 25 Aug 2016

Coastal land expands as construction outpaces sea level rise

OSLO The Earth has gained coastal land equivalent to the size of Jamaica in the past 30 years with man-made construction outpacing erosion caused by rising sea levels, mapping data showed on Thursday.

Environment, 25 Aug 2016

Eastern India struggles to evacuate reluctant villagers as floods wreak havoc

BHUBANESWAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Authorities in eastern India are struggling to evacuate more than 100,000 people stranded in villages after floods intensified, killing more than 300 and driving hundreds of thousands from their homes, officials said on Thursday.

Environment, 25 Aug 2016

Volunteers ride to the rescue in Italian earthquake disaster

PESCARA DEL TRONTO, Italy Within hours of the earth shaking and houses collapsing, thousands of volunteers from all over Italy had descended on the country's stricken central mountains to bring what help they could.

Environment, Tennis, 25 Aug 2016

Parched Zimbabwe faces dire water shortages as new dry season nears

GUTAURARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The only dam in this small-scale farming community in eastern Zimbabwe used to provide water for both people and cattle. Now, dried to a dirty puddle, it is a source of competition rather than refreshment.

Environment, 25 Aug 2016

China’s cities see clean air, water as magnet for investment

Despite severe air pollution, local and provincial officials in the Chinese city of Nanchang are trying to clean it up and make it more attractive for foreign investment, making the city an important test case for efforts to ease the environmental damage from unchecked economic growth.