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Australia evacuates cyclone-hit island resorts as water runs low


SYDNEY Australia began evacuating thousands of people stranded on resort islands in the tropical northeast on Thursday, as water supplies began to run low two days after Cyclone Debbie tore through the region.

Montana tribe, conservationists sue U.S. government for ending coal moratorium

WASHINGTON A Native American tribe in Montana and a coalition of conservation groups sued the Trump administration on Wednesday for lifting a moratorium on coal leases on public land without consulting tribal leaders and conducting a full environmental review.

Environment, 12:58am BST

Thinning Arctic sea ice lets in light, prompts algae bloom-study

OSLO Climate change is stirring life in the Arctic Ocean as thinning sea ice lets in more sunlight, allowing microscopic algae to bloom in the inhospitable region around the North Pole, scientists said on Wednesday.

Environment, 29 Mar 2017

Army assesses damage after storm 'absolutely smashes' north Australia

SYDNEY Cyclone Debbie wrought widespread but moderate damage in Australia's northeast, authorities said on Wednesday, as flooding rain and fallen trees slowed troops and emergency workers reaching the worst-hit areas.

Environment, 29 Mar 2017

Fog grounds flights in and out of New Zealand capital

WELLINGTON Thick flog blanketed the New Zealand capital on Wednesday, leading to the cancellation of more than 100 flights and leaving travelers stranded.

Environment, 29 Mar 2017

Floods in Peru threaten to sweep away rich archaeological legacy - explorer

LIMA Extreme floods wreaking havoc in Peru are also threatening the South American country's rich archeological heritage and the tourism that thrives on it, a Peruvian archaeologist said on Tuesday.

Environment, 29 Mar 2017

El Nino will not likely hurt anchovy catches in Peru-industry

LIMA The localized El Nino phenomenon that has unleashed deadly downpours in Peru is unlikely to threaten an expected rebound in anchovy captures this year, the head of a fishing industry group said on Tuesday.

Environment, 29 Mar 2017

Thousands of water lines to be replaced in Flint settlement

The state of Michigan will replace water lines serving at least 18,000 homes in Flint over the next three years under a settlement approved by a U.S. judge to address a 2015 crisis that exposed residents to lead in their drinking water.

Environment, 28 Mar 2017

Australia scientists uncover dinosaur footprint that may be world's largest

SYDNEY Scientists have found what could be the world's largest dinosaur footprint - measuring nearly 1.7 metres (5.6 ft) - on a remote part of Australia's northwestern coastline.

Environment, Science, 28 Mar 2017

Iraqi farmers desperate to go home as cattle perish

MOSUL, Iraq In a field off a main road south of Mosul, a stray dog picked at the body of a dead buffalo calf, part of an exhausted herd brought 20 miles on foot by farmers forced to abandon their land in the fight against Islamic State.

Environment, 28 Mar 2017

China’s cities see clean air, water as magnet for investment

Despite severe air pollution, local and provincial officials in the Chinese city of Nanchang are trying to clean it up and make it more attractive for foreign investment, making the city an important test case for efforts to ease the environmental damage from unchecked economic growth.