In Kenya's Rift Valley, blood and bulls mark gateway to manhood


BARINGO COUNTY, Kenya In an isolated region in Kenya’s Rift Valley, young men spear a bull in a ceremony that marks a gateway to adulthood.

A room without a view: second life for Swiss army bunkers

AIROLO, Switzerland For upwards of almost $200 a night, guests at a Swiss hotel might expect to catch a glimpse of the towering Alps or overlook one of the country's famous lakes.

07 Jan 2016

'Le doggy bag' slow to catch on in France

PARIS - At the busy Bouillon Chartier restaurant in central Paris, a chef stands by a diner's table and carefully places the remains of her dish into a plastic takeaway box before putting the container in a bag -- "le doggy bag" to be precise. | Video

06 Jan 2016

Ireland unveils minimum alcohol price plan to reduce drinking

DUBLIN The Irish government, aiming to change the country's "damaging attitude to alcohol", approved on Wednesday plans for minimum prices for drinks in the hope of reducing one of Europe's highest levels of alcohol consumption.

Life, Health 09 Dec 2015

Modern Etiquette: Why not something personal for the holidays?

As I write this, I look up at a foot-high stack of holiday catalogs – clothing, travel gear, hiking gear, home accessories, pet accessories, art acquisition, cosmetics, natural foods, wine... They make me sad for all those trees.

30 Nov 2015

Cognac makers ramp up U.S. efforts as China sips less

COGNAC, France France's centuries-old cognac houses are raising their bets on the U.S. market with new products and campaigns to broaden the drink's appeal beyond its African American stronghold. | Video

23 Nov 2015

Factbox: The culture of Cognac

Cognac is a brandy made from white grapes grown in the region surrounding the western French town of the same name. Here are some facts about cognac and the four main brands: Hennessy, Remy Martin, Martell and Courvoisier.

23 Nov 2015

Modern Etiquette: Keeping things light for the holidays

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 86 percent of adult Americans said they planned to gather with family and friends during the holidays, and the same number say they planned to buy gifts for friends and family.

16 Nov 2015

Cutting down on the spice, South Korea cheese imports soar as trade deals open door

SEOUL South Koreans, who traditionally eat most meals with a generous dollop of the fiery local side dish kimchi, are gaining a growing taste for another imported fermented food: cheese.

10 Nov 2015

Greek fortress, key to ancient Jerusalem, uncovered, researchers say

JERUSALEM After a century of searching, archaeologists say they have found the remnants of an ancient Greek fortress once a center of power in Jerusalem and a stronghold used to hold off a Jewish rebellion celebrated in the scriptural Book of the Maccabees.

03 Nov 2015