Wine stolen from Michelin-starred California restaurant recovered

- About 80 bottles of premium wine reported to be worth up to $300,000 that were stolen from the Michelin-starred French Laundry restaurant in Northern California have been recovered across the country, police said on Friday.

Whisky and bourbon to bring cheer to spirits market

PARIS - The growing popularity of cocktails will drive consumption of brown spirits such as whisky and bourbon to rise more than other types of alcohol by end 2018, the head of international wine trade show Vinexpo said.

22 Jan 2015

Taiwan's gays pray for soul mates at 'Rabbit' temple

TAIPEI - A young man sporting a rainbow pendant stands before the altar of the Wei-ming temple on the outskirts of Taipei, holding aloft a football-sized box full of prayers written on pieces of paper.

19 Jan 2015

Australian wildfires threaten to produce ashtray wine vintage

SYDNEY - Wildfires sweeping through southeast Australia are carrying with them the specter of a silent killer for grapes growing in the nearby Adelaide Hills wine region. | Video

Life, Environment, Water 08 Jan 2015

Ecuador tops list of best countries for retirement

NEW YORK - Looking for a safe, affordable place for retirement? With its warm climate, affordable housing and generous benefits, Ecuador was named the best country to retire in by

02 Jan 2015

U.S. churches catching on to communion breads free of gluten

- Rachel Rieger figured getting diagnosed with celiac disease and having to rid gluten from her diet meant she could no longer partake of the wheat-based communion bread that represents a key facet of her Catholic faith.

Health, Life 24 Dec 2014

Sales of financial crisis board game surge in UK's richest area

LONDON - There will be no Christmas break from market mayhem for London's financial elite if sales of a board game based on a banking collapse are anything to go by.

18 Dec 2014

Beer, ping-pong replace glitz at City's Christmas parties

LONDON - Team bonding is the theme for Christmas parties in London's financial district this year as managers tone down the annual knees-up and label it as staff development.

Life, Tennis 18 Dec 2014

Truffles and turkeys await Christmas tables at 'Belly of Paris'

RUNGIS, France - At the temple to gastronomy outside Paris, Rungis market, Marinette shows off a tray of fat white truffles from Italy, at 1,800 euros a kilo ($1,000 per pound).

15 Dec 2014

Trip Tips: Reading between the lines in Venice

VENICE - If you find the crowds that swirl around St Mark's Square and the Rialto a little dismaying, why not take a look at Venice through the eyes of a different type of visitor -- the writers who have haunted its canals and palazzos.

05 Dec 2014