Sales of financial crisis board game surge in UK's richest area

LONDON - There will be no Christmas break from market mayhem for London's financial elite if sales of a board game based on a banking collapse are anything to go by.

Beer, ping-pong replace glitz at City's Christmas parties

LONDON - Team bonding is the theme for Christmas parties in London's financial district this year as managers tone down the annual knees-up and label it as staff development.

Life, Tennis 18 Dec 2014

Truffles and turkeys await Christmas tables at 'Belly of Paris'

RUNGIS, France - At the temple to gastronomy outside Paris, Rungis market, Marinette shows off a tray of fat white truffles from Italy, at 1,800 euros a kilo ($1,000 per pound).

15 Dec 2014

Trip Tips: Reading between the lines in Venice

VENICE - If you find the crowds that swirl around St Mark's Square and the Rialto a little dismaying, why not take a look at Venice through the eyes of a different type of visitor -- the writers who have haunted its canals and palazzos.

05 Dec 2014

Starbucks eyes booze, food and technology to boost U.S. growth

SEATTLE - Starbucks Corp, aiming to give cooling U.S. traffic a jolt, on Thursday announced it will add beer, wine, and evening snacks to thousands of domestic cafes, widen lunch offerings and roll out mobile ordering.

04 Dec 2014

World Chefs: George Mendes bares 'soulful' Portuguese cuisine

NEW YORK - George Mendes shares the fare served at his Michelin-star New York restaurant Aldea in his first cookbook, "My Portugal," which contains 125 recipes - from salt cod and potato croquettes to cuttlefish curry.

02 Dec 2014

Swedish Merlot, anyone? Warmer world boosts Nordic tipples

GVARV, Norway/BLAXSTA, Sweden - On one of the world's northernmost frontiers, grapevines are growing on hillsides and talk among some farmers is about terroir and aroma as global warming and new technology push the boundaries of wine growing. | Video

25 Nov 2014

Trip Tips: Hungary, where goose is king - and eaten - for a month

BUDAPEST - It isn't to everyone's taste, and animal rights activists wish the custom would vanish entirely, but anyone who ever fancied eating foie gras - fattened goose liver - would have done well to be in the Hungarian capital this past month.

21 Nov 2014

Thanksgiving wines can be as varied as the meal, experts say

NEW YORK - Thanksgiving dinner includes more than just turkey, with ample helpings of vegetables, stuffing and cranberries, so wine experts say there is no perfect food-wine pairing for the traditional American feast.

18 Nov 2014

In rural Kenya, traditions run deeper than law on cutting girls

BARINGO COUNTY Kenya - Draped in animal skin and covered in white paint, four teenage girls squat over large stones in a remote western Kenyan village after being circumcised - a life-threatening custom banned in the country three years ago.

12 Nov 2014