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Global Financial Regulation 2015


Clearing houses are big risk, top U.S. federal researcher says

WASHINGTON Clearing houses, whose role to guard financial stability was much expanded after the 2007-09 crisis, now pose threats themselves, the head of the top U.S. financial research agency told Reuters on Friday.


HSBC Chairman: Should banks be mortgage lenders?

LONDON Blue chip banks could provide a bigger stimulus to Europe's flagging economy if they pared back low-return mortgage lending to pump more firepower into small business and consumer credit, the chairman of HSBC told Reuters.


China needs millions more accountants to raise standards

HONG KONG Mainland China needs at least five million more qualified accountants if the country is to raise corporate governance standards, the chief of an international accountancy group said.


Rules alone won't halt market wrongdoing: BoE's Bailey

LONDON Changing rules and codes of conduct will not address the cultural problems in banks' trading arms laid bare by seven years of investigations into market-rigging, the Bank of England's chief regulator said.


BoE says UK banks making big changes to separation plans

LONDON British banks are still making big changes to how they will separate their retail businesses from riskier areas by 2019 as they juggle broader strategy shifts with regulatory demands, the UK's banking supervisor told Reuters.


BoE says banks must comply with EU pay allowances rules

LONDON British banks must rewrite contracts for senior staff to comply with new European Union rules banning top-up "allowances" that breach a cap on bonuses, the Bank of England (BoE) has said.


BoE says UK insurers will need more time to meet EU solvency rules

LONDON Britain's insurers will need more time to comply fully with new European Union capital rules that come into force next January, the Bank of England has said.


HSBC boss says big banks need to show scale matters

LONDON Being one of the two most important global banks offers benefits to customers and greater resilience, but there is an increasing need to show shareholders that size matters, HSBC's chairman told Reuters.


What's the worry for Europe's bank regulators? Low interest rates

LONDON Low interest rates that have forced investors to pile into riskier assets in the hunt for yield pose the biggest risk to financial stability at present, top banking regulators in Europe said at this week's Reuters Regulation Summit.


Don't panic, funds can handle bond turmoil: Schroders

LONDON Europe's largest standalone asset manager is well prepared should policymakers' worst fears about bond market liquidity come to pass, its head of public policy said as recent events focus attention on the potential for tighter regulation.


Discredited shadow banking seen helping fund real economy

HONG KONG Shadow banking, a term often associated with murky funding, is emerging as an important source of credit for the real economy at a time when capital-strapped banks are reluctant to lend, regulators told Reuters.


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