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Avoid the crush, London companies prepare for the Olympics

Tuesday, 28 Feb, 2012 - 03:17

Feb. 28 - Go to the pub, work from home, go on holiday? Nigel Stevenson investigates how some companies are making plans for business as usual during the Olympic Games in London.

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London -- we'll tell you that commuting in this capital city has always been a challenge. But during this summer's Olympic Games it's estimated that an extra 800000. People that day will be attempting to use the transport network. The road system could become gridlocked. You might have to wait a couple of that was robust. Or achieved a network rail bosses are already warning of massive travel disruptions. And he's -- I'll be much use to you either. The question is what plans has your company taken to ensure its business as usual during this period. Consultants Deloitte -- 7000 stock based in London on on average they book 2000 hotel rooms per month. David Gill says planning started sometime ago. This is being doing for a couple of years now -- just off the have a look at what can 2000. Really. An opportunity to see war in going to have formed more clients and our people. The worrying thing according to Deloitte is that just wanted five companies tends to -- that business continuity plans before the games so what should they be doing. We had people from our ought to get on an -- and home. You can supply chain security team this -- from. From your through to get only experts in the room to build off so it's really -- school and the potential impacts. They come from London. Just to prove that we're not all ignoring this enormous event some companies even outside the capitol have already run a practice drill. We are effectively sending two and a -- hasn't stuff home from a headquarters here in style. And they're gonna work from home or they're gonna work from the coffee shop wherever they want just on their Smartphones. To do their job for the day. And I'm doing because. Of the events that are going to be happening live from the summer. And we very much wanna manage those events business is normally it'll take. The experiment may be drastic but the prospect of empty offices across the country. Maybe the best hope if UK PLC is not a grind to a halt during the Olympics. I think that it will act as a gripe kind stuffing. -- organize donations large and small to hopefully. Learn and understand what's going to be achieved. Actually take that -- themselves. So what about the employee perspective. All of a Poulter and -- Kentucky both say they're ready to avoid the traffic -- but carry on working as usual. In the -- I'm ready to move forward to working for us revealed what from time. To mr. commute miss him and the traffic is expected in the can congestion on public from school. -- what he's really important to me like it hot after experiencing preaching to black when the light won't change how Ortiz and and I wouldn't be able to be as productive as I -- For those of us struggling to our offices as usual there is a silver lining 80% of companies expect the games to increased demand is just a matter of being prepared -- So companies need to act now in order to avoid problems caused just London stage is one of the world's greatest sporting events. Until Stephenson books.

Avoid the crush, London companies prepare for the Olympics

Tuesday, 28 Feb, 2012 - 03:17

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