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3XSQ: Apple labor deal, lottery madness

Friday, 30 Mar, 2012 - 01:46

Mar. 30 - Apple and Foxconn are working together to tackle labor violations in Chinese factories, and lottery fever spreads across the U.S., with people buying tickets for the Mega Millions jackpot.

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I head apple landmark labor deal wins -- then -- what you could do with them 540 million dollar lottery jackpot. And how long your odds are of winning a bit of perspective later. -- that street I've -- this Friday from -- drug headquarters in your apple at its manufacturing part. Our Foxconn agreeing to sweeping changes at its Chinese iPad and -- pot plants. Because promising to improve conditions. After a report finds widespread labor violations including extreme hours and unpaid overtime. The fair labor association which conducted the investigation. Hopes the deal will -- other tech companies to improve conditions at their overseas plants. Apple's shares little changed BMO raising its price target this morning. To 675. Dollars some brokerages have targets in that 900 dollar range. Last time someone you knew bottom Blackberry how about the last time you heard someone talk about buying one then things though. Blackberry maker Research in Motion posted its first quarterly loss in seven years. And the new CEO would not rule -- -- sale of the ailing company which warned of a tough year ahead. Shares -- flat in early trading near fourteen dollars they weren't high is seven dollars 85 cents a year ago. What you could let Google gadgets that search giant reportedly planning to launch another online store this year. The Wall Street Journal says it will sell tablet computers directly to consumers. Those tablets would come from Samsung and other companies that use it and.

3XSQ: Apple labor deal, lottery madness

Friday, 30 Mar, 2012 - 01:46

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