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Nestle: Engagement in a hostile digital world

Thursday, 25 Oct, 2012 - 03:03

Oct. 26 - A look inside Nestle Digital Acceleration Team, where social media engagement is used to defend its brand image.

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-- -- -- -- Just for perspective we have twelve. Did you acceleration from members. Across multiple market. Consumers are demanding and you get a lot of praise you -- you get criticism. If there's an issue or concern about any aspect of a product you hear from a. -- -- Mean do you believe the web is becoming the world's biggest of this group. And we think that's a great opportunity to better understand consumer and that needs. And also to figure out where it's appropriate to engage so for example this will look at. NASA cafes -- next getting kit -- tiller figured. Global brands and we'll look at what's the volume of conversation. Maybe a little bit about how it benchmarks relative to. Other players what's the sense -- that level Liz. He spent a lot of time listening to figure out where and when to engage when it's appropriate to engage. The right context. How to talk to consumers in an empathetic manner. And that there are difficult questions. You know how to really tackle them and a very very timely manner. We see evidence of the chaos every single day sometimes. Senior management comes again and often leads to the bitter -- -- is having an impact inspiring and hopefully transforming.

Nestle: Engagement in a hostile digital world

Thursday, 25 Oct, 2012 - 03:03

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