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U.S. Week Ahead: Obama vs. Romney - get ready for elections!

Friday, 02 Nov, 2012 - 02:39

Nov 2 - As America goes to the polls on Tuesday, the election outcome may depend on how President Obama and Governor Romney perform in just a handful of key states.

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Finally and and to the barrage of political ads and campaign speeches America decide Tuesday who will be its next president. And no corner of the nation will be more relieved than Wall Street what you see our hockey we. It looks like it will go down to the wire with President Obama and governor Romney nearly even and most holes 7% of voters undecided according to Reuters gives us. But how are now saying Friday better than expected jobs report we'll actually get Obama a boost. And again election will depend on a few key battleground states. Polling indicates that Obama has a slight advantage in several of these our latest poll shows that he's up by three percentage points from Virginia. Which is just inside the credibility Google so it's almost a pretty clearly. Obama's up a little bit he's up two points in Ohio in two points in Florida and they're tied in Colorado. So these polls are accurate that means that it'll be very difficult for -- actually win because he's got. Carry most of these swing states. And earnings -- is back and focused with four of the major department stores reporting. JC Penney Macy's Nordstrom and couples aren't on the calendar. Investors want to know how are many spots on Johnson has gotten hints as to make the storm war upscale. Wall Street is the -- expect shark died in earnings and same store sales. That's reflected in the stock down over 30% since the start the -- -- Disney reports results on Thursday it would be less the actual number and more about how it will use the forms. Shareholders are hoping to hear more about what media empire will do with its recently acquired Lucas found the company behind the Star Wars franchise. The deal what's worth over four billion dollar and CEO Bob Iger has expects. Three warm -- Disney shares are up over at 30% since the beginning of the year although at least in other darker being. That might not. -- And patent wars continue Monday when apple and Google's Motorola go head to head in court. Accusing Motorola demanding an honor reasonable royalty for some key patent. And wireless and video technology and about two weeks' time general -- -- a thin lawsuit from Microsoft. And tighter -- you need for more on the big market mover Monday we'll look at the intense campaign by Democrats and Republicans. To get out the vote in the crucial swing states Tuesday will have special election coverage deep into the I'm pretty long this Reuters.

U.S. Week Ahead: Obama vs. Romney - get ready for elections!

Friday, 02 Nov, 2012 - 02:39

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