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Europe Day Ahead: Investors crave U.S. election clarity

Monday, 05 Nov, 2012 - 03:48

Nov. 5 - A look at Tuesday's key events including the U.S. presidential election, results from BMW and M&S plus euro zone service sector data.

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This is a look ahead to Tuesday's key events and they don't come much bigger than the US presidential election. National polls -- President Obama on Republican challenger Mitt Romney neck and neck heading into the final I was a frenetic campaigning in crucial swing states. But Obama has on an -- and most of these states albeit within the poll's margin of Adam. The bounds of public and congress is also a -- Democrats expected to not only hold the senate majority Republicans. -- to retain control of the House of Representatives. Seven investment management is just -- -- -- says investors are trading commodity. What the market's looking for Huck -- decisions what they -- able to end up as a function and deal with hanging chads again as we had a few few years ago. So we want to pit decision for the president of a clear decision for the congress. The first is probably easier than in the second. So I think investors need to be wary however the old -- any American leaders could be the same it's called capitalism they rule actually give food trying to find ways of growing their way out of problems I've never yet as an American has yet -- -- started art is just a European way of doing it. Result season winding down another in Europe but still a few big names left the reports to model sees a ton of BMW. The luxury German carmaker has been weathering the demand choices better than its mass market yes. On solid demand for premium content China and the US. German magazine der Spiegel reporting BMW could -- a 50% slump in sales without posting losses of -- stuff. Thanks to an anti crisis package agreed between stop and management. And in the UK Marks & Spencer are expected to report lower first house sales and profits. Shares of Britain's biggest clothing retailer are on the rise thanks to takeover bid speculation. Weak results compared to positive updates from rival next however will ratchet up pressure on CEO mark Boland. On the -- a fund services PMI and the unit is on likely to shoulder regents button below the fifteen month of finding growth and contraction. I did global Michael Gallagher says the spread of recession in Europe as a what are. We continue to. Be in recession. And the recession has spread to France so -- -- if -- real concern. And you know there's real risk is that this couldn't. -- Germany down and you know prompt a situation. Where the eurozone. Them you know is into recession going into Q1 2013. And breaks the country's colorful main public and private sector unions will launch a 48 hour strike Tuesday against prime minister -- some -- -- package of cost cuts and tax hikes. Journalists doctors transport workers and shopkeepers are also planning stoppages. A big week for central -- kicks off tomorrow with a reserve bank of Australia's latest interest rate decision. Fifteen of twenty economists polled by Reuters expect a 25 basis point cut to 3%. Matching the course -- -- in 2009. The other five -- mixed signals from economic dates up we'll keep our be on hold. Of more interest perhaps to many Australians -- will be the Melbourne cup. Britain's Prince Charles on his wife Camilla seen here arriving in Australia but mortal they'll attend the race that stops our nation. The richest two mile handicap cautious in the world this year's post stands at six point 450 million dollars. Photo hosting a dominating the vexing the 2010 went up a Medicaid they exceed 621 favorite by most the -- Docile look ahead to Tuesday I'm -- media about the some sort of.

Europe Day Ahead: Investors crave U.S. election clarity

Monday, 05 Nov, 2012 - 03:48

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