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Wall St. to Obama: more jobs

Wednesday, 07 Nov, 2012 - 01:13

Nov 7 - The election's over, but there's a lot of work to do. Here's what some Americans on their way to work in the Wall Street area want from President Obama in his second term. Carmen Roberts reports.

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Reaction from Wall Street to President Obama's re-election. SOUNDBITE: MIKE HUGHES, (ENGLISH) SAYING: "Mr. President please improve the economy and create more jobs." SOUNDBITE: ANDREA ALVINO (ENGLISH) SAYING: "I was rooting for Mitt Romney, so I'm actually very disappointed in the results. But I hope we can move forward; we can work on the economy, foreign policy and hoping for the best." SOUNDBITE: RICKY NEWMAN (ENGLISH) SAYING: "I'd like him to be more aggressive in his plans. I'd like him to attack the Republican agenda and bring about more change." SOUNDBITE: KEVIN ILARRAZA (ENGLISH) SAYING: "Mr. President please continue to take care of the middle class families, those that are shouldering the responsibilities of the country and bring jobs back from into the United States from overseas." SOUNDBITE: CHANTELL MANTANA (ENGLISH) SAYING: "We need jobs. We need gas. And please try and uplift the economy. That's what I would like him to do." SOUNDBITE: JAMES PAPPAS (ENGLISH) SAYING: "Four years of empty promises and now he's got another four years. Hopefully whatever he's saying last night that he was listening to the people, that he actually did listen. If he paid attention to what Romney was saying then he could be good for small businesses and start creating some jobs." So as President Obama wins a second term, Wall Street is calling for a plan to get more Americans back to work.

Wall St. to Obama: more jobs

Wednesday, 07 Nov, 2012 - 01:13

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