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Europe Day Ahead: China, Germany in focus

Thursday, 08 Nov, 2012 - 03:06

Nov. 8 - Chinese inflation is expected to remain unchanged while factory output may have gathered steam. Plus German inflation numbers also in focus after trade data disappointed on Thursday.

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-- Friday and the end of the week coming key events and dates coming actual offense that blondes are the headlines today. They ECB keeps rates on hold deferring any cut plan assesses the extent of the -- and economic -- sent the Bank of England an opting not to pump more cash into the economy. The economists polled by which is a more QE is still on the cards. And China begins a week long congress that will usher in its unique is the next ten year as. Outgoing President Hu Jintao warning the incumbents that corruption could be faithful to the posse and adding that China must strengthen its -- courses. And protect -- territory. On to tomorrow then and -- -- in Vegas economists polled by wages. Say factory output and investment number is likely picked up steam and al-Qaeda stronger and -- this should limit the chances of aggressive government stimulus. Both Squibb today it's been around that caused says the Daytona should save money it's coming back into the country. Keeping that has more. Funds flowing back into China having been -- I Louis Lindbergh most of the events of the year. So it's about leading to this pick up to lending pickup investment until sits in -- had a realistic market -- an -- Another day sit in -- inflation on this expected to be unchanged for Octavia. Treat them as added today should exports -- add death -- is pace since late lost yet. As to growing evidence that used -- economy it's not immune to the uterus and crisis. Think democracies APEC releases its monthly oil report oil prices rising today. Often as the number of almost 4% on Wednesday at the big useful and yet. But gains checked as the US fiscal cliff is backing that this often election and EC presidents mine Draghi says the economy is to stay a week. Any content in company news Credit Agricole reports just days after -- revised its outlook and down from stable to negative. The French bank says the sale of Greek agenda and par -- we'll take two billion Euro is off its Q3 earnings. International airlines group announces Q3 results the company ran an operating loss. Of 253. Million euros and the fast top of 2012. Times for a structuring -- all expected. Along with plans to create up to 7000 job cuts. And it today hi -- in an office to buy a 53%. Stake in the cost Spanish carrier winning. And -- and -- I'm Leon has predicted -- and expect to let quarter results but its operating profit hit to reach two and a half baiting you guys. It's his old business segments are doing well especially -- management's. That's under the heads to fighting join us tomorrow when we sit down with the Kardashians. Despite what some brilliant about British pending -- and -- -- -- kids. I'm managing all -- is wages and.

Europe Day Ahead: China, Germany in focus

Thursday, 08 Nov, 2012 - 03:06

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