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U.S. Morning Call: Investors seek bargains after big selloff

Thursday, 08 Nov, 2012 - 02:27

Nov 8 - Stock index futures were little changed, indicating investors remained cautious ahead of impending data, and kept their eyes peeled for cheap buys.

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US stock futures point to wake com open after yesterday's steep sell off on Wall Street. Let's kick off your morning call for Thursday it back to business day after the US elections. Investors hunting for bargains after stocks fell 2% on concerns over a looming fiscal crisis. European stocks rising as well as the Greek government approved more austerity measures rebuffing protests. ECB and focus this morning leaving interest rates unchanged at point 5%. The Central Bank also -- least limited bond buying program if needed. But -- drag his words from yesterday not inspiring much confidence he expects the eurozone economy to remain weak in the near term. More on that when the ECB head space at the press in about an hour. To market leading indicators out this morning at 8:30 AM the latest US weekly jobless claims numbers economists polled by Reuters expecting 307000. New filings. Slightly more than a week prior President Obama made job creation one of the top priorities. At the same time we'll see the release of US international trade data for September. The trade deficit is seen coming in at 45 billion dollars 800 million more than August tally. We've got lots of entertainment for you and our stocks to watch today let's start with Disney the company reports results later today. Investors anxious to hear that advertising trends -- its cable networks. As more details on its recent four billion dollar acquisition of the Star Wars franchise. Also out today ANC. To mad men and the Walking Dead. The network may offer more details on -- is 700 million cash settlement last month. Which ended a long black out of the channel. The earnings later today from Duke Energy -- and Groupon. The market may have fallen big -- apple felt warned yesterday shares dropped 20% from their high at 75 in September. Hitting a five month low in signaling a bear market for the stock. Right now Apple's trading around 560 bucks in the premarket to -- up from the close. Apple shares sold out early Wednesday morning after Foxconn indicated its factories were having hard time coping with high demand I've. Shares ended down almost 3% for the session. That's a Thursday morning call for more news follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and check out our voters YouTube channel at Reuters dot com slash writers TV. I'm Lisa Bernard this is Reuters.

U.S. Morning Call: Investors seek bargains after big selloff

Thursday, 08 Nov, 2012 - 02:27

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