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Guatemala mourns earthquake victims

Friday, 09 Nov, 2012 - 01:10

Nov. 9 - Aid is distributed in Guatemala's quake-ravaged towns as funerals are held in for victims of the powerful 7.4 earthquake that left dozens dead. Sarah Charlton reports.

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Guatemala has begun mourning victims of Thursday's (November 8) earthquake, which left at least 52 people dead. Most of those were killed here in the area of San Marcos, as the 7.4 magnitude earthquake turned roads and buildings to rubble. It was the strongest quake to hit Guatemala since 1979. Mourners at this funeral have been remembering just some of those who died in the disaster. Many are coming to terms with losing loved ones. SOUNDBITE: MOURNER, SIOMARA ALFARO, SAYING (Spanish): "You start to let your imagination go. At that moment, what desperation they felt at that moment to save their lives -- but they couldn't, it was too quick." Officials have stepped up efforts to make sure aid reaches survivors. Recovery efforts in some areas have been hampered by landslides and damaged roads. With dozens of people still missing, the death toll is expected to rise.

Guatemala mourns earthquake victims

Friday, 09 Nov, 2012 - 01:10

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