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Oil & Money: Qatar's al-Attiyah says shale oil is good news

Tuesday, 13 Nov, 2012 - 02:23

Nov. 13 - Former Qatar oil minister Abdullah al-Attiyah welcomes shale oil and gas production and says it will provide supply security for another 300 years.

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I think the issue in Gaza though and the sheer noise it's a good news because as did give there were very confidence and trust in guys. Because as usual they were -- obscenity I'll vote. You know. Some pride -- us a right to go look today. This all in all they -- a dozen other give the word. More than 300 news. Ultra or security of supply of -- so ideally this is -- good didn't use and it to wouldn't give more tossed in the consumer does. And quick question on the oil prices do you think -- oil prices are risks to the -- really good for the global economy. -- unfortunately -- the war and on would rise. Is it reflected by the psychological over the market. Wish it oil prices feed all I think you know this is still -- problem I cannot you know opinion on in my opinion and all. In northern new you know range of one kind of those will be is very good knowledge for the consumer and producer of so both of them content. You don't survive you know because that's a problem -- home. Always rises under the law whether on the markets were false. That we can see now that's nothing that up fluctuations in dollar rise. As you know from what I did today. And that you know whose -- no. Unless you know of the zone quote and so for what happened. And as a former oil minister what are the implications that it pay their reports saying that US will be -- has sufficient. Perhaps in in the near future. Okay you know this is a I think this is they have our -- and I think -- did you see that addicts all of you know over the growth of always do you mind. Agree and I think in this isn't also hopes. What is you know give more. More security of some variety to the world without you know facing gotten Schlesinger some -- in the future. And pretty picky when he's fuel prices in 2013. It's -- significant go outside and this is a very that they can solve that to Quebec and when more than a hundred a 150 got to act cannot -- known to be predicted because. Automate tedious for runoff that derive either. -- -- you know and -- you know what don't you don't believe in them for customers. Just you know statute that authorized these --

Oil & Money: Qatar's al-Attiyah says shale oil is good news

Tuesday, 13 Nov, 2012 - 02:23

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