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Factbox: bankers' bonus tumble

Friday, 23 Nov, 2012 - 01:46

Nov. 23 - After a year awash with scandals and job cuts, bankers can expect to find up to 30% less in their 2012 bonus packets. Which sectors are likely to get a 'donut' (nothing) & who's bucking the trend

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Yeah. Off on apple PP PPP. Because it's. It is pretty sad that we never gonna go back for. In the 2007. The levels of I don't think even in the you know defined differences he's back again. And the announcement with cash could get in falls upon not that -- -- it's gonna take pictures and spending getting -- more anxious. And then go to that -- it to read -- my best -- Was feeling man and maybe this would be quite -- I think -- Particular pocket spending -- management retail banking. Thank you might even be. And and in an area of foreign agents at age. And whether -- in a -- of competition. Tired of -- the physical and -- -- fans turning things strange things. That aren't suffering from the same performances you can -- for example. And the eventual pain.

Factbox: bankers' bonus tumble

Friday, 23 Nov, 2012 - 01:46

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