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Market Pulse: What's Moving Today and Why

Friday, 23 Nov, 2012 - 03:58

Nov. 23 - Reuters Insider has its finger on the market pulse, analyzing and making sense of the biggest movers of the day.

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Failure and thoughts. Whether we're talking about the US fiscal Clinton argued his -- crisis that's all we seem to hear about. But maybe just maybe -- market perspective at least all of that talk is over -- I'm -- B diva and this is today's market pulse as well as the US and -- closer to -- the deal on its fiscal cliff I -- it seems closer to a deal in Greece. Financial markets have quietly picked -- up pretty impressed that shift this week. We'll get to some of those moves and a second but first. Data to Davis suggests the gloom over Germany may be -- and also. The latest. Germany will escape the session -- -- So another piece of good news then for markets for his take I'm joined by actions speak -- -- market analyst at IG. Well and just seven for quite a lot of reasons to be fairly optimistic on the investors this week have looked at a glass and thought you know what. I think it's tough vote. That's exactly the case this time lawsuit really looking -- doom and gloom all across the board. But it's been a remarkable turnaround in sentiment started off -- fighting with those positive noises from the US on -- fiscal cliff and negotiations that. And now today -- seems to moving toward some sort of deal. Regarding his stats -- window is a must improve we can be seen that effect in the moccasins but -- best week for quite sometime in the Euro or surrounding considerably. You mention the fact signify exactly tell you said the best we can -- since I think at December the second last year so it's almost one year. Com how much higher can -- go and what target should we be looking at. But we've seen even today if it -- sort of unease around fifty a hundred leveled by suggest that's more just due to low of forty -- -- absence of the US. I think really if it continues and knows those that are getting law enforcement wasn't politicians in my -- -- 911 not to show told them. -- examined some of the -- -- I'm not that. But almost sort of seems to be the last few months has been staying at their heels but that's what five point 7% time how much -- chemical that -- think. What exactly we -- -- -- -- referendum this week it's a few days and be too -- to maybe have Spanish ten years tracking back to what even 5%. And that was in Jakarta was Italy where they used a bit much after the spotlight but there's almost remaining fairly calm reflection perhaps the best is on to write about five of those economist at the moment. Yes thank you very much ends -- a great weekend. Thank you well EU budget talks not among the sources all of this week's optimism blitzer to a pot should joins me not a life from Brussels. Joseph let me spoke this morning M -- was looking. Unlikely that out a deal would be reached stayed voting tomorrow. Has -- been any change enough. In the -- saying that hasn't really changed anything it's not want to wait. That every few that he decided optimistic about reaching a deal today when they are lying among them that the prime minister David Cameron and Jimmy -- I'm -- tackle. Of course that the two who really want to -- -- and despite the payroll budget. Something that's not including -- in the current proposal on the table. Pardon me and found that -- become minister and had a separate meeting with the French president holds Ronald today. And occasionally and from two very different. And and may be hoping to find some kind of common ground and they -- talk -- -- on him and -- It's -- an eight and 81 you don't like being angry that -- every week. The Spanish prime minister some money on how to employ unconventional and into life today is usual in -- -- -- -- came to this some thought. -- as the first site but I think -- thank you very much about self must tomorrow but join us every day at best trying to take the pulse of the market. -- to give a specific look of.

Market Pulse: What's Moving Today and Why

Friday, 23 Nov, 2012 - 03:58

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