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U.S. Morning Call: Global stocks lower on Greek loans

Monday, 26 Nov, 2012 - 02:38

Nov 26 - Euro zone finance ministers and the International Monetary Fund seek to unfreeze the second bailout package for Greece.

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Here's your morning call for Monday US stock futures according to a lower open today after ending -- higher note last week. Thomson Reuters Lipper data showed US stock funds separate the most outflows since late July for the week ended November 21. Mostly due to Washington's lack of action to avert the fiscal cliff. European equities moving lower at the moment investors and that region dealing with the -- set of problems. Eurozone finance ministers and I -- efforts seeking a second bailout package for Greece today. The biggest battle will be over for getting the country's official lungs. It's not just another manic Monday in the US it's V day when American consumers -- online shopping spree. They're expected to end to their wallets of more than one billion dollars today that's 20% more than last year according to research firm comScore. As more Americans turn to the -- for retail therapy online sales on Black Friday alone topped one billion dollars for the first time ever. But analysts say that's strong growth may dampen sales today. Even if today turns out to be a disappointment -- Bay's -- won't have much to cry about. Was the most visited site on Black Friday with more than 28 million hits. Some stocks to watch today apple not letting up on Samsung apple has asked a federal court to add six more products to its patent infringement lawsuit against -- on. In their seemingly never ending war the products or -- but apple claims they still infringe on the patents. Among them by the galaxy S three and a variety of galaxy tablets. Apple shares up over two bucks in premarket trading. Knight capital back in the headlines the market maker is in talks about possibly selling its largest and most profitable trade operating business. But a source tells Reuters that -- not -- just yet. Night shares up over three and a half percent in premarket. New loss estimate out on -- today revealing that damages could cost as much as 900. Million dollars according to Swiss re. The reinsurer also -- twenty to 25 billion dollars in overall market losses due to the super storm which killed. 132. People in North America and wreaked Havoc on homes transportation and power lines last month. That's it here Monday morning call check I need to chat now at Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV also follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is right.

U.S. Morning Call: Global stocks lower on Greek loans

Monday, 26 Nov, 2012 - 02:38

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