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Europe Day Ahead: European data, German bond sale in focus

Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2012 - 01:57

Nov. 27 - After Greece, the focus turns swiftly to a raft of European data and a German bond auction of five-year bonds on Wednesday.

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This is our look ahead to the key events in Europe on Wednesday with -- getting the help it needs to promote the focus switches back to economic -- up. From Germany will get inflation numbers for November out. Inflation expected to ease so one point 9% annual rate from two point 1% in October. In the eurozone and the money supply a general measure of cash in the economy. Is expected to grow at an -- pace of two point 8% in October that's up slightly from the month before. Loans to the private sector though are seen falling by not point 9%. Coming to Spain will get the latest retail sales figures for October the forecast to fall off whopping eleven and a half percent from the same month a year ago. And the debt markets Germany to sail up to three billion euros of five year bonds fell in -- sold five give bonds -- weeks ago. And -- in the drew only fairly average investor demand. Looking for the night there's a dark cloud over the other side of the Atlantic still hanging over markets so says Donald thanks Jane Foley got to. BUS fiscal commitment whether we will see any negotiations and whether or not we will see any. Concrete signs and and lasting political set shortened Thanksgiving week for the US and we didn't really see any political progress being made. He then you've got three and a half weeks now until congress makes up -- that this summer vacation that Christmas vacation. And that's what we really do need to see political -- estimates -- -- for this week is that we've seen on. And other events tomorrow European authorities will rule on restructuring plans from -- state rescued banks in Spain. Thank you know luckily -- -- counseling to try shop and -- for the Valencia. Authorities told the site on how much more it -- gets to keep them full. Not some look ahead to Wednesday I'm Jamie we gave up this is Reuters.

Europe Day Ahead: European data, German bond sale in focus

Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2012 - 01:57

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