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Investment Summit: Trust in euro zone equities - Pioneer

Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2012 - 03:02

Nov. 27 - Giordano Lombardo, CIO of Pioneer Investments, says he will continue to invest in euro zone equities and avoid safe haven government bonds in 2013.

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I've just found that I am group chief investment -- so I -- masked man thing and that we managed. What I'm six feet. -- -- assault you with us. We believe that they -- -- next it would be. Performing quite well any impact he put -- we believe that. European equities and some imagined in my office that we perform well and the main reasons that we being confident that build an economy. He's going death to an improvement right now. It means that policy and say that happening that angler award. For example. Everybody now is focusing on the feast complete that we believe though that his country that we knew we not to be true. In the sense that. In a game would be found that any major policy to use that little thing lasts -- on China can be. A significant. These -- for for the next. Eight to continue to be longer. Canadian markets. -- meaning that people and that you left -- bones. And that's my physical on the set column. Is that to be long European equities and that the core value of Islam and practices. And if that of that -- it to continue to be on that -- -- to avoid the so called the safe -- all of it go to my moments. -- volatile day. Safe counties we should not call for any. We. You know. We don't think any count that we you that. You goes on and next. More concern about the US am that morning sure. -- too. The -- -- that resolution in effect that. We were being invest that you both -- and I think we're losing vast in. European equities and longer that vote count FISA. And over waking European equities -- US equities. And that he selected. And that's in -- that it is that color preference -- that school China. Turkey and that would be -- to Mexico. And hasn't reached that got away from Vegas -- them in fact the court. As a said that some of the sort of thing that long dull with the support us they found -- -- -- managing my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the other side the period be that corporate and my dad's office. -- --

Investment Summit: Trust in euro zone equities - Pioneer

Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2012 - 03:02

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