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Reuters Asks: is Greek debt deal enough?

Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2012 - 02:05

Nov. 27 - Euro zone leaders & the IMF have ended a months-long stalement by agreeing to bring down Greek debt by €40bln. Reuters asks: will it be enough?

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What I think is that you. -- section of the unions and politicians are able to pull together and that backed his good news in itself. Abbott for Greece that there are lots of that stuff about some bed with in this land. The coolest recent days at risk of contracting that the economy we think -- -- -- -- -- -- makes it probably for the next few years and that includes. Could create at a stumbling blocks for that as stated that if you -- debt feather out. I suspect it would -- until. The end of September of next year off during an American Israel acted. That -- cheap -- shows the confidence to propose to the Euro group and its by the Bundesbank to BC day. -- we have to take cuts at the official level and you then can Greece's debt problem really be addressed. That it does a pretty high. That Greece to exit again it's not so much a question of whether or not they powers that they. In Brussels and elsewhere managed to tweak the maturity is here and let the interest rates that the fact is that you are inflicting on grace. The source of pain that all unsustainable long time. I think it's mansion can accept it cut time. Greece is not kind to me expecting. Europe and of course he's underlying economic problems with Rick can even get to a 120% of GDP by 20/20. Still reminds unclear cited its sale has provided a short time for it to market expects now once under any illusions of the problems is still that. Well in principle they should last long enough to bring back grease on it and a sustainable equilibrium -- eighth. And all part these are dear to their commitments meaning. The F financial institutions the countries and of course degree government in implementing and carrying out their reforms and if fiscal adjustment.

Reuters Asks: is Greek debt deal enough?

Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2012 - 02:05

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