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U.S. Morning Call: CEOs meet with Obama on fiscal crisis

Wednesday, 28 Nov, 2012 - 02:55

Nov 28 - CEOs of U.S. corporations head to the White House today to meet with President Obama to hash out solutions to the fiscal crisis.

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Let's kick off your morning coffee for Wednesday US stock futures pointing to lower open after sliding in a volatile session on Tuesday. Is says CEOs of US corporations had to the White House today to meet with President Obama. Chief executives of home deep Goldman Sachs caterpillar and Deloitte are among the few who will sit down with the president. To hash out possible solutions to fiscal crisis. European stocks lower today also reacting to the budget standoff off. Some stocks to watch it solid but unspectacular start for windows eight. Microsoft's new co head of windows -- -- saying it's sold forty million licenses for the new software upgrade. Faster pace than Windows 7 three years ago. The sales likely to be the first thing discussed when chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve -- take questions from shareholders at the company's annual meeting today. At 11 AM eastern. Stuck up slightly in the premarket just about 27 dollars. Next up Green Mountain Coffee Roasters trading up 22%. Premarket after forecasting quarterly and full year earnings well above expectations. And -- financial will likely suitor in a potential takeover of Knight capital according to the Wall Street Journal. The deal expected to value the market maker and more than one billion dollars. Night shares have risen nearly 20% since the buyout rumors emerged on Friday now trading and other 9% higher in the premarket. On the macro front new home sales data for October out at ten today and today. IFR expects annualized sales have dropped slightly from the previous month to 385000. We're also expecting same store sales figures back over the Thanksgiving weekend November sales appeared stronger with an estimated rise of 3.2 percent. But weaker than 3.5 percent record last year. Costco already out with results that beat forecasts. The retailer also paying special dividend of seven dollars. Adding up to three billion dollars to investors. On to earnings and the parent company and Taylor and locked brands is expected to post higher quarterly results. The company's been trying to sell clothes at a more affordable price to cut back on prop betraying discounts. -- passed out Cold War to express and -- also report results today. One of China's biggest solar makers JJ solar outlived its earnings this morning. It posted its sixth straight quarterly loss due to sharp fall in panel prices. That's it for your Wednesday morning call check out our YouTube channel at Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV. Also follow us from more headlines on Twitter at Reuters Insider. I'm Lisa Bernhard. Is right.

U.S. Morning Call: CEOs meet with Obama on fiscal crisis

Wednesday, 28 Nov, 2012 - 02:55

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