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Europe Day Ahead: Germany to greenlight Greek aid

Thursday, 29 Nov, 2012 - 02:08

Nov. 29 - A look ahead to Friday’s events including a German vote on Greece’s bailout, plus inflation and jobless data from the euro zone.

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I'll look ahead to Friday coming up but first the headlines today. Let us and calls the legal regulation of the British press to prevent a repeat of the excesses which led to the phone hacking scandal. As US third quarter growth has raised. Tim going to get set for fiscal cliff solves the Treasury Secretary we'll meet congressional leaders today amid signs negotiations went on to the wire and and the German rights boards about -- seeing I'll I see that John slow won't need to focus from the west wing opposition to get -- bailout through parliament. It's -- to tomorrow night and not German parliamentary vote a key focus for investors. Friday's vote on measures agreed earlier in the week by -- goes -- finance ministers is widely seen as a test of knuckles authority over how to own supporters. There's little -- the Bundestag will approve the package but with less than a year to go before the general election medical would like to contain a billion animal rights. -- -- IMF chief Christine Lagarde to ECB president might do drug eight and French finance minister -- Moscow be -- speak a tough conference on European integration. Hudson in the bond market as both close monitoring again -- the Italian borrowing cost fell to a two year low today. But I capt Phillips Tyson says motor -- to buying opportunities may like closer to the court. Think his impact the search paid the yield within within Europe. They will find markets like France and Belgium -- just getting a little bit extra. Practically in -- in the ten year and how much more action to and I expect to see some sort of Al performance that are in some narrowing of spreads. On the -- -- -- zone inflation expected to ease again but unemployment forecast to rise to new record high. Finally able to cut for -- asset allocation cold frosty on a flip of the world's fund managers are putting their money. And if that's your thing then there's a host of videos from Reuters 2013 investment summit available on demand. From the CIA it was a city stunned that life -- -- -- on more. That's a look at the Friday I'm Jamie B -- This is what is the.

Europe Day Ahead: Germany to greenlight Greek aid

Thursday, 29 Nov, 2012 - 02:08

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