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3XSQ: Hope and change on Wall Street?

Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2012 - 02:37

Dec 26 - Investors expressing some optimism as President Obama cuts his vacation short to deal with fiscal cliff.

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I had good yes happy new year for the economy and I think both wet Christmas. Later in the show. Welcome at three times this let's say riders on headquarters in New York poll saying that President Obama. 2008 campaign. It's also describe the mood on Wall Street today. And she leaving behind this. Yes cutting at Hawaii trip short to return to Washington to deal with the fiscal -- Stock index futures higher all morning right now looks like the markets opening mix in the early going. Bob Hope and change that fear and loathing that -- Netflix this Christmas. It's streaming video service went down Christmas even -- not fully restored until Christmas Day. An outage -- an Amazon web service -- it was the culprit 27. Million customers on a watch movies and shows from home for several hours. Says it's investigating the problem its rival Amazon not available for comment. No apparent loading the housing market our digit seven tenths of 1% gain in home prices in October. That's according to the Case Shiller Index of twenty metro areas it's higher than -- half of 1% estimate. David Blitzer -- he's saying it is clear housing recovery is gaining -- Our power player of the day rejecting streaming music services and still turning out a top selling out on. It's country music singer Taylor Swift current album -- finished its fifth week in the number -- -- The New York Post says she's joining other major artists including Adele Coldplay. And hold -- making albums available for stream -- weeks and months after their release. It ranks number three on billboard's chart of the top artist of the year hide out and Rihanna. We Christmas celebration probably wasn't this much fun German skinny tipper and some who were more modest. Took their traditional Christmas went in Berlin late. There -- no room in the hills every facing Christmas carols before plunging into ice cold water. This slimmer by the way dresses -- that they've got water fortunately for the best of -- the temperature -- Written it. 52 degrees. The Berlin -- been partaking in this holiday tradition for more than three decades I'm Rhonda schaffler is writers.

3XSQ: Hope and change on Wall Street?

Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2012 - 02:37

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