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U.S. Morning Call: Stock futures steady; fiscal cliff eyed

Friday, 28 Dec, 2012 - 03:07

Dec 28 - U.S. stock futures are pointing to a higher open as investors wait on Washington.

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Let's take off your morning call for Friday the last Friday of the year. US stock futures down investors wait to see if the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff will be reached before boosting their exposure to equities. Becoming days may make for some good political feeder with either intense bargaining over number. Or inside attempting to avoid blame if India looks unlikely which it does at the moment. Most of the action in Washington today will be centered around 3 PM meeting of congressional leaders with President Obama and Vice President Biden. Looking at economic data for the morning we've got the pending home sales index. Which is expected to rise 1%. After seeing -- gain in October a five point 2%. Apple loses yet another copyright case this time in China. A court -- tech giant for one million wine or roughly 160000. Dollars. For featuring third party apps that's -- pirated ebooks shares of apple down -- at 512 in the premarket. In other tech news and China the government unveiled tight Internet controls today legalizing the deletion of -- ankle poster pages. It also requires service providers hand over such information to a party for punishment. The rules -- not something new for Chinese users FaceBook Twitter and YouTube are already blocked in the country. Cable satellite or simply -- you can make -- decision after hearing me out. Satellite provider DirecTV said -- service speeds will increase by an average of four point 5% in February. They're citing rising programming costs DirecTV though has managed to keep its annual price hikes below its cable rivals. The company which recently resolved a bitter price dispute with programmer Viacom. It's doing all it can add to make sure customers quote do not so unfair price increases as a result of unreasonable demand. Not your retail will be taking a closer look at -- chains from the Wall Street Journal says 2013 will be do or die. -- best buy JC Penney and RadioShack all of our radar. The retailers have a bunch of problems including questionable strategy is slipping sales and -- issues. For today let's check out RadioShack. In 91 year old company racked up big losses in the last three corners. Also -- James stepped down in September the journal says RadioShack bet on mobile phones and tablets has may lead to a decline. It is sold these low margin devices but is making less money that it did selling cameras and computers. RadioShack stock was trading at twelve dollars and December 2011. It's now trading below two bucks. I think for your Friday morning call remember follow us on Twitter Reuters Insider in check out our -- need -- -- -- at Reuters dot com slash letters TV. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is yours.

U.S. Morning Call: Stock futures steady; fiscal cliff eyed

Friday, 28 Dec, 2012 - 03:07

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