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Techquity: Minor "scraping" for Google, Facebook lifted

Thursday, 03 Jan, 2013 - 03:08

Jan 3 - Google settles with the FTC while another analyst upgrades Facebook.

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Welcome to -- woody our show on tech stocks I'm Fred Katayama ahead. Google settles with the FTC FaceBook gets more praise for Wall Street and -- it was given up. The -- First -- is Google no fines or harsh punishment for the search giant from the federal trade commission and investigation ends. Global green license standard patents on fair reasonable and non discriminatory terms. As far as allegations of bias and search results go the FTC found that you could be justified his innovations. Who also Greek and the practice of -- reviews and other data from rivals website -- own products shares of -- Europe fractionally. The government also weighing in on the itinerary of -- executive chairman. The State Department says the timing is not right for Eric Schmidt an excellent on what Bill Richardson visit North Korea. The the Pyongyang watchers -- shops ES ISS don't expect that business deal between the big promoter borderless communications. In a country that tightly controls Internet access. That may get a better view Pyongyang that -- Google Earth now provides. Another day another brokerage raising its price target on FaceBook this time with the Kerry. I don't they're citing strong usage trends which should lead to significant monetization improvements. They also conveniently the social network is uniquely positioned to benefit from growth of mobile Internet usage query boosting its target from 28 dollars to 32 dollars. And maintaining an outperform rating. That 32 dollars is actually slightly below the mean price target sales tracked -- all star line which has climbed to 3220. In our best of the rest today Barnes & Noble seeing weakness across the board including in its. No division the unit responsible for the tablet that you -- is performing poorly over the holidays. After sales started strongly and Black Friday. -- nine weeks ending December 20 ninth fell nearly 13%. Digital content sales for. Shares go up slightly today shares of rival Amazon up meanwhile up less than 1%. -- and -- time our look at movers soaring another member of the best of the rest Dell. UBS raised its price target on the computer company ten dollars and fifty cents from 975. Shares up nearly 3% year eleven dollars. Inspiring. -- allot communications. Reports indicate the company which helps firms manage and monetize Internet traffic was downgraded by Oppenheimer shares are down 20%. And that's equity this Thursday remembering it falls on Twitter party RS equity. I'm Fred Katayama this is --

Techquity: Minor "scraping" for Google, Facebook lifted

Thursday, 03 Jan, 2013 - 03:08

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