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Europe Week Ahead: Old year worries remain unchanged

Friday, January 04, 2013 - 03:38

Jan. 4 - A look at next week’s key events including ECB & BoE policy meetings, Spanish & Italian debt auctions and UK retail trading updates.

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-- Soledad the next week's key political and financial events offer quiet as we get worried that -- things not -- caught up for investors in the next seven days. ECB meets says they focus on any discussion of interest rate counts. Hits all of our -- could see the Euro fall especially against high yielding currencies like the aussies. But hopes of -- content launch you've been dashed by comments from a bunch of policy makers. Yet -- to -- said it'd be very reluctant to confound even rushed. Says he doesn't see the logic of even debating more cops I'm -- great things there's little scope for movement. -- -- global fixed income strategist attempt Bank of America Merrill Lynch isn't expecting much China. We are still at the moment releasing peripheral spreads come in and an attack and we remain reasonably. Commandeer his and so on I think that the ECB is going to be doing anything dramatic until and unless we see. That the improvement in sentiment -- Spencer of us and I'm not as possible later in the course of that clearly we haven't seen that yet. -- and it's really kick off that 2013 funding programs next week's Spain expects to borrow at least 106 billion euros. But this could easily grown and investors will be watching for any signs of -- tomorrow and Italy could face higher borrowing costs is uncertainty over the upcoming election. Could make investors think twice about the risk reward of holding peripheral debt and a -- -- closest says the focus right now is on Italy and Spain but also France. Spain is a probably needs to -- a 160 billion US worth of debt this year it pre funded some of this year late last year yes we've seen that a full backing yields a I think that really reflects the market -- that the ECB. May step -- essay called Spanish government haven't allowed them to. Indeed the government's fiscal policy especially modest and 5% tax they buckle that's -- certainly in Southern Europe added from street expect seek high yields at the end of this quarter. Bank of England also meets next week data today showing the service sector contracting for the first time in two years. Likely to give BM PC much to talk about but don't expect much in the way of policy change just yet. I think the whole monetary policy strategy will. Really will really be put on hold until we get a new governor attending a -- it in June of this year say that full. Any tons of more monetary -- I think you're looking at July August may be -- at the earliest but -- -- the second half -- -- -- and -- dependent tone that he says that mr. Connie. I when he takes over from governor -- So markets have kicked off the air and a bright fashion but new year animal spirits could be tested this company's release fourth quarter trading updates next week. Among those comments saying our host of UK retailers including mosques and spend set test scares and -- -- Was evident is that through the noise looking through the noise recovery everywhere remains extremely fragile. I'm will each receive I mean -- a year and ended softly -- people would start to worry again any sort of nice and songs of of a slight improvement amendments and in any of these economies. All once again looking you know a little bit elusive. Finally the World Economic Forum ruins as it's ready thirstein global risks report on -- day ahead of this year's summit -- wrong. In the month will be a -- doubles of course as always bringing you live interviews with some of the world's most. Influential court press and political leaders that's not look ahead to next week have a great weekend. I'm -- of growth of this is rises and.

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Europe Week Ahead: Old year worries remain unchanged

Friday, January 04, 2013 - 03:38

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