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Breakingviews: RBS Libor bonus ploy second-tier

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 03:10

Jan. 11 - RBS's plan to pay its Libor rigging fine with bonuses may be noble, but won't be followed by all, says Reuters Breakingviews.

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-- -- -- used by an assist to help pay its rival -- finds but don't expect -- big prankster policies is breaking views don't get yet his sub banking -- of that double to get to have you in the studio I'm. All right so yes -- you -- a noble message to shareholders by sending gonna do this you say others -- do the same thing Balkans and UBS who's right. Well I think you know BS's case is reasonable message but it's also one that -- have to sentence it. To channel was -- don't forget it's obvious is still more than 80% iron by the UK government now means its stakeholders are really the UK tax as. Whereas you look at all the banks that's not the case that no government time and I'm baffled that. That the people that -- on to -- that child is different story the -- But that the the underlying message -- to get from the space and you -- Tony from wrong is that some. The ball season UBS have more balance keeping a really good talent in that. Well that's right I mean audience dugout is -- all BS is cut down its investment -- -- I end -- Balkans and UBS poverty to the European investment banks. A long ways you know maybe Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank there really compete with the big US investment banks you big US investment banks they're all going to be paying big bonuses this year. The Europeans. They need to kind of up against army gets its hands out and moments it's obvious shareholders but RBS employees. It must feel pretty demoralizing. I'm sure that's when everything he's like let's yeah I'm sure that's the case but I'm an expose. If you're an all BS investment -- you would feel a bit brow beaten on the last year. And since we're very low you didn't get any cash go -- cap to 2000 pounds. They -- -- probably going to be you know more or less the same again and it just to clarify what we're talking about 2012. Bonus pool IG bonuses hasn't been paid out yet and that was well the world which springs this part expects of us that the -- back that they could. Trying get bonuses already paid what wet weather based and -- and you spoken to the bank. Yes well I think fits. 2009. Was when cold but provisions -- came in. So if anything liable wrongdoing was before 2009 and and we expect that that's a lot of it Wallace. Until that point they -- -- -- -- -- if there was a little bit of libel fraud that happened off the 2009 in the market to claw back a little bit of those -- and when do what they make up amongst we're probably find doubts for the fourth quarter and full year results which will. February the 28 they'll have to make a decision. Before it's the libel find is expected probably around the end of this month sometimes site. We're about to find out. OK to make many -- Iraq but -- delegate from about breaking views. I'm distant within sight throughout the rest of the day front end of the week updates of their heads the next week like back in a few minutes at 1045 -- -- is -- markets look how banks need to make concrete changes. To regain trust stop talking about. On that except -- thing is that very much our message that's it for me I'm axle problems is once it's.

Breakingviews: RBS Libor bonus ploy second-tier

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 03:10

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